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Just passed a 1.5 inch stone!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Just passed a 1.5 inch stone!

I don't know how many flushes I've had overall, more than a dozen but less than 20. I started maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but have been very sporadic because I find the HC flush so hard on me. I absolutely hate the Epsom Salts , and anymore even the smell of the oil/grapefruit mixture makes me nauseous (never puked from it, but sure felt like it at times). This was my third, though, since November. I really haven't been getting many stones with the recent flushes, and what ones there were were just sand up to rice grain in size, and very little at that. I knew I couldn't be all cleaned out because I do get pain over in that region that does feel better after a flush. I did a Humaworm round of treatments in December, so did a flush before, and had to do one during at RG's suggestion. Should have done one a week after I stopped, but with Christmas, then my work schedule, then getting hit hard with a bad cold (maybe it wasn't a cold but a detox), I had to postpone. But I did try the lime/egg yolk flush last week, but didn't notice it doing me any good (I think I need a heavier flush before using this more gentle method).

Well, I've been getting more pain over the last week or two, and after I had lunch yesterday, I decided I really couldn't put it off any more. So I stopped food in time to be able to do the flush last night. I did a SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) to try to clean things out better before hand, drank lots of water, then the typical two Epsom Salt doses (just grinned and bore it), and did slightly alter my grapefruit/oil mixture, as per suggestions by msteve666, but revised. msteve666 saw better results after adding 1/2 cup ACV. I didn't think I could stomach that much ACV with the grapefruit/oil, since my stomach was getting acidic enough that this time I was really afraid of upchucking. So I added maybe 2Ė3 tablespoons ACV to the mixture (I eyeballed it ... I didn't want to dirty another measuring spoon or dish, so used the measuring cup from the oil and didn't quite fill it 1/2 full). This was sooooo much easier for me to drink down. The ACV taste masked the taste of the grapefruit/oil. I love grapefruit, but somehow the combination of oil with the grapefruit just isn't palatable for me. Next time, I think I will add more ACV, maybe up to a full 1/4 cup, or slightly over (will probably eyeball it then, too). Finished with doses 3 and 4 of Epsom Salts this morning.

Oh, yes, I did one other thing different. About 1/2 hour after my first Epsom Salt dose, I took three 500 mg IHN [I've been taking niacin (IHN variety) for about a month now, 3,000 mg per day, to assist with detox, stopped the Lugol's a week ago to give myself a break due to the cold or detox I was going through, along with 3,000 Vit. C, 200 mcg Selenium, Cal/Mag/Zinc supplements, and a B-complex ... all companions to Iodine therapy, and I do oil pulling.] I figured the IHN might help clear the toxins from the Liver Flush out quicker.

Sooo, the results ...

With dose 1 AND 2 of the Epsom Salts , I was getting the sand-sized stones I'd been getting with previous flushes but only after taking the oil. So I was getting a pre-flush flush! Saw what looked like a few liver flukes, though could possibly have been skins from some cherry tomatoes we had in a salad Saturday. Just not sure. I wonder if maybe the pre-flush was a result of clearing things out better with a SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) first, then the epsom salts and the niacin. Maybe the niacin helped dilate things more, since it helps dilate capillaries and restores elasticity to them ... maybe it also works on the duct work?

After taking the oil and going to bed, I immediately felt the gall bladder constricting. I was flat on my back. Right side seems to hinder a flush for me. Stayed slightly nauseous all night.

With the morning Epsom Salt doses, still was getting very little with regard to stones, most rice sized or smaller, except for a few pea sized ones. Had a light breakfast. But, just before lunch, I got out maybe 20 pea sized stones, a few a little larger, then a mega big one about 1.5 inches wide (sorry, no camera on me at work!). It looked like my two thumbs side to side down to the first joint. It looked like at some point two large stones had stuck together to make this one big one. I wonder if this big one has been blocking things so that the last several flushes just weren't letting anything out bigger than rice. I'm curious to see as the day progresses if anything else big comes out. I hope with my next flush I'll see more now that this big one is out! The pain in my side is diminished much, but still there, so I do think I've got to do more flushes in upcoming weeks.

I don't know if it was the IHN or the ACV, or the combination, or if it was simply time for that stone to come out, but I'll definitely use the IHN and ACV next time to see if I get similar results! After so many discouraging results from so many flushes, this has me encouraged again. The first 3 flushes I ever did resulted in hundreds of stones each time, with some 1/2 inch ones, but I never got anything as good as back then until last night.

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