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Re: Since it was brought up...
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Since it was brought up...

i truly dont know. there is so much about probiotics out there. like most subjects vital to health, the misinfo and the opportunists are legion.

from a purely logical standpoint, i dont see how supplementing a few of the major gut flora, acidophillus and bifido, can help a person regain the balance of over 1000 identified human gut strains. this delicate balance is destroyed with the very first course of Antibiotics and gets worse with each sucessive dose. i dont know if it can ever be regained after that.

what is clear is that this balance is essential to health. this means that the powers that be are in no wise looking to find an answer. so that is where we are at. only god knows the extent of the damage Antibiotics cause. all of those bugs, even the bad ones, are there for a reason. the disease was caused by wrong eting, no matter what. there is your personal responsibility. there is your answer as to why god lets bad things happen to good people. we do it to ourselves. we do it to our children. who is to blame then?

for me, obeying nature seems to be the best way a person who is eating correctly can regain this balance. pulling a fresh root from unpolluted ground(the stuff god made us of) and eating it raw, dirt and all, is what makes most sense to me. picking a berry or fruit from an unpoisoned plant and eating it immediately without washing it or anything, that is how it was meant to be.

the most comprehensive treatment i have seen is also the most contraversial - dusans baby poop enema. thats right, the feces of a child, age 6-18 months, that has no vaccinations, is healthy, is breast fed only by a mother who is healthy and eating a clean diet, is collected and used as an enema. this is the closest a person can come to obtaining all of the needed bacteria in the correct proportions.

talk about personal responsibilty! it sounds both totally correct and a desperate measure at the same time. thing is, where does such a baby exist? that question is much more sad than any adult ravaged by pharms.

and as for your digression - i totally agree. in fact, i dont see a haphazard set of circumstances that discourages personal responsibility in gov systems, i see a concerted effort in designing the systems to create plausible deniability every step along the way. i also see a mind set that puts the concept of being above blame as the motivating factor in every procedure and every action commited by those in that system. every situation is seen as being created by those who came before(though not their fault) and only rectifiable by those that are to come(up the chain of command). in every case, the person you are talking to at the time is not able to do anything to provide resolution to your dilemma. it is a nightmare, right out of the pages of a carlos castenada book and just as far removed from reality.

i havent figured out probiotics, but i do know a person needs to do something after Antibiotics . in this case, i say anything is better than nothing. one might also consider fermenting their own food, like kefir and kraut, etc. this is fertile ground for self-experimentation if i ever saw it.

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