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confusion, elaborate details though...
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Published: 11 years ago

confusion, elaborate details though...

i've always assumed my ibs started because of a bacterial infection and a nice dose of Antibiotics , but there were other factors surrounding it that i never fully considered and i would like maybe some insights/ new approaches. anything.

i'm looking into upper cervical adjustments but it seems like the muscles or nerves on my colon are weak. i don't understand it and i can't seem to get information about whether or not it'd help. or i could have some kind of imbalance with my gut flora and i just don't know. doctors aren't of much help, conventional or alternative.

this is how everything started:

- feb '05... did not get into top school of choice, father + classmates made a big deal about it, which exacerbated my stress and depression. "HOW COULD YOU NOT GET IN? WE THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER. FIND A WAY TO GET IN" those kind of comments
- sometime in mid april-june '05... ate breakfast one day and ran after a bus for about 10 blocks. stomach hurt like hell. had to go to bathroom, but none in sight so i went home and got diarrhea for about a week.
- took Antibiotics for diarrhea because otc stuff didn't help, lost 10 lbs in that one week because nothing would stay down
- immediately after diarrhea stopped, i noticed i wasn't pooping like i used to, but was minor. slight incomplete feeling and it felt like i wasn't pushing things out properly/all the way. like most kids, i assumed it'd go away.
- developed an eating disorder right after. the 10 lb weight loss got to my head.
- constipation continually worsened. super slow motility... constantly incomplete evacuation, pebbly stools, colon muscles don't feel very strong when i push. muscles kind of felt weak.
- went to doctors '05. blood works, stool test, abdominal ultrasound, xray came out fine and was diagnosed with ibs.
- tried natural fungals, oregano, garlic, mms, probiotics, magnesium, parasite program, tcm. no reaction to them. probiotics and magnesium helped a few weeks with constipation but not with incomplete evacuation. then they stopped working all together.
-tried 2 liver flushes, but the debris stayed in intestines too long (felt pain in the guts) despite Oxypowder / Epsom Salts . enemas dont work well on me, small pebbly stools. Bowel Cleanses don't move out as they should. tried Oxypowder . not long term relief.
- currently trying acupuncture... no response so far
- also have slight hormone imbalance. on the high side for testosterone. (female)

could that week of diarrhea + Antibiotics weakened my whole entire colon to the wretched state that it is currently? is it fixable?

though, i've had a history of health problems before '05 incident. salmonella as a baby, tonsil infections (antibiotics), UTI (antibiotics), bacterial problem from visiting a foreign country ( semi frequent diarrhea), birth control pills for non stop period and then missing period, chronic cough. i also fell backwards onto the concrete from a shopping cart when i was 3-5. i was standing up. an alternative doctor felt my head and said it could be affecting my function and that effects of head injuries can take 5-10 years to surface. he had me buy 500 bucks worth of herbs, clay and foot baths the first week and his treatment for my "head injury" was just clay packs. his herbs included b-vitamins, parasite killing herbs, probiotics, some honey thing. never returned.

i admit i had a lot of stress prior to that and i have no idea if i got food poisoned or if the week long diarrhea was induced by stress. i turn 17 this year. school is an added stressor. i don't think i can go on like this, not at the rate my condition is eating up my family's money. my parents are exceptionally old + don't speak english as well. nobody to talk to/relate to about what's going on. more stress and depression.

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