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Have I cured my 15 year chronic headache pain? I hope so.
spock2001us Views: 18,913
Published: 14 years ago

Have I cured my 15 year chronic headache pain? I hope so.

This is rather lengthy, but I have finally relieved the pressure in my head, I hope anyway. And this is not a sale pitch, but my personal story.

My story: Daily, Chronic headaches for 15 years. That’s right….I recall going to the doctor in 1992 (remember because of my job) and complained that my face and head felt feverish, but I did not have a fever. My face and head would feel very warm, but not enough to register as a fever.

That has been my main problem for 15 years and I am now age 44. I have been told I was dehydrated, so I drink a lot of water. I have been told I am depressed, so I have been on and off Prozac over the last 10 years.

Usually there is pressure on my upper teeth, but each time I go for sinus xray ‘s they have all come back negative. I recall going to the dentist 24 years ago (I was in college) complaining of tooth pain in my upper jaw, and I was assured by the dentist that my pain was in my sinus's, but of course I went to the doctor and was told my sinus's were fine.

Every time I have a blood test run, it comes back perfectly normal, but I get daily headaches. I have tested for thyroid, iron, ….everything…no help.

Spent 4 months going the chiropractor, no help.

I have done several Liver Flushes ( Epsom Salt and olive oil) (master cleanse with lemon’s) passed plenty of stones. parasite flush, numerous colon cleanses, coffee enema’s, candida cleanse (which I keep up on with a yeast cleanse supplement and pro-biotics).

Still…..daily chronic headaches. It gets me so run down that all I want to do is go to bed. I have bounced from job to job over the last 15 years, mostly because I miss work often, and feel like crap at work…so I either get fired or I leave before they can fire me.

I have been an avid follower of as I search for the answer.

I have been a financial advisor since 1990, so I spend a lot of time on a computer.

I am told that I have fibromyalgia so from time to time I have been on Elavil and Flexaril. Still, no real help.

I have pretty much lost all the hair on top of my head so I started shaving it a few years ago. The back of my head looks like I have a helmet on underneath my skin. And that helmet is not smooth it looks like there is cottage cheese under my skin. Nobody notices it but me (nobody has ever brought it to my attention)…so it is not that big of a deal, but it bothers me.
For years I have been working the top and back of my head. Whatever it was (the helmet) it was very hard like clay, I could massage it and it would soften up (like old Play-Doh) I found nothing on the net about helmet head. I thought it was the lumps and bumps of myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. After playing with it for a while and massaging it…the next day it would be hard as rock again.

Yesterday I stumbled onto the following website which perfectly explained what I am going through:

Here is a summary of what is on that webpage:

"Do you suffer from chronic tension headaches? Perhaps you have for years. You've tried all sorts of things but your tension headaches persist. You may be thinking that you'll just have to learn to live with them.
These headaches are generally caused by muscle spasm in the neck/base of the skull area. The paired greater & lesser occipital nerves arise from there and course within the scalp to the front of the head causing pain along the front and sides of the head which most patients refer to as "sinus". Tapping on the sinuses is a good way to differentiate what's going on; sinus inflammation will cause pain and tenderness when tapped. On the other hand, pressure at the base of the skull on the muscles at the top of the neck in the back will cause tenderness, helping to make the diagnosis.

I then found this website about stretching the neck:

I did the first exercise:

Head tucked stretch… (to stretch all the muscles in the back of the neck) Grasp your hands behind your head and pull your head toward your chest. Hold for two seconds as you exhale. Bring head back to neutral position. Repeat 10 times. (1 stretch, 10 reps.)

I cheated on the 2 second recommendation and held the stretch for about 10 seconds. When I straightened up from the stretch, the back of my neck and head felt really strange, and it scared the crap out of me. It was as if the muscles in my neck had frozen up, fortunately it only lasted for a few seconds.
Naturally, I thought……”what the heck was that?”…so I did it 3 or 4 more times and each time the same thing happened. Felt like it had frozen up, then subsides.

Well…..I have never had a migraine headache, that I know of, but I sure found out what a migraine headache felt like in a hurry. The right side of my head went into some pretty severe pain, on top of my head, pressure on my teeth, side of my head…all on the right side. I had read about the acupressure technique of relieving headaches, so I did the foot trigger point thing and got the headache to ease within about 30 minutes.

At night I did a little more stretching, and there was a little response, but certainly not like the first time.

It is also noteworthy that I have been taking Magnesium for a few days. I read that Magnesium will help relax muscles.

Today, so far anyway, my head feels totally free of pressure. My sinus’s are clear, no pain in my teeth, and I think that my helmet head seems to be shrinking. ( I tried on a baseball hat that was too snug to wear and it felt slightly looser this morning).

I really have my fingers crossed that I am on the way to recovery.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?


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