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Akashic Q&A: Bigfoot/Sasquatch
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Published: 11 years ago

Akashic Q&A: Bigfoot/Sasquatch

The following is a transcript of an Akashic record consultation conducted by Douglas Cottrell. It is posted with permission; reproduction is permitted as long as it remains unadulterated and this notice is included. This information was obtained through deep trance meditation and should be used in a reasonable and practical manner.
Q: There are legends concerning a creature known as "Sasquatch" or "Bigfoot". Over the years attempts have been made to document its existence in North America. Does such a creature exist and if so, what is it?
A: We would find this as a remnant of those ancient times in which there was a combination of humanoid and animalistic, brute strength beings combined. This particular hairy being, man-like, exists and roams the planet, with a high degree of intelligence. It is not a caveman reincarnated, but is an animal in a sense that gorillas and larger, similar species would possess. However, this one is more like Man because of its genetic bearing. Does live in small groups and lives in different parts of the world. It is a remnant of those ancient times of the Atlantean, who possessed such beasts of burden. We would find that much evidence has been gained from the same. The bodies upon death are dismembered and disposed of in such a way that there is no trace, because it was the original process of disposing of all dead things. Now in that of the environment in which they exist, it is hostile and they are part of the food chain; however to the question, it appears that they are in various aspects of the world, closely aligned species, able to travel great distances because of their large size. They do not stay in a designated area, but tend to roam large distances, usually as a nocturnal being itself. They originated as a part of "The Things" that were to be utilized to carry out chores. They would emanate from that part of the world that would be known as Atlantis when the continent broke into the 5 islands; they seem to have dispersed to the four corners of the world themselves as they were taken northeast to Europe, east and southeast to what would be India, the Pyrenees and Africa, into Egypt you see. And also that that would be to South America, that of Chile, and we would find also here to the Americas which there would be the regions of Georgia, and North Carolina, and they migrated inwardly. As there was the fluctuation further of the world, then they would have moved further North, in Europe to the mountain ranges themselves. They live somewhat in environments that would suit bears- wooded marshy areas… but go to the high ground in cold weather.

Q: What is the life span of these creatures?
A: It would appear to be somewhere between 125 and 140 years, about 10 times the age at which they enter reproductive capability.

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