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Video Embedded [video/audio embedded] If you are planning on buying solar panels, READ THIS!

Free Dentist Alternative!
Professional Powder beats Fluoride!


Free Dentist Alternative!
Professional Powder beats Fluoride!

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Published: 13 years ago

[video/audio embedded] If you are planning on buying solar panels, READ THIS!

Solar flares are expected to become very strong and your investment might just BURN OUT. This is also speculated to have a possible effect on magnetic fields, so, generators might also be effected (also heath, Wi-Firemote control hobbies, etc.
The health benefits of sunshine might change in years to come. Sun spots could possibly effect our metabolism.
About This Video (4 minutes 53 seconds)

Ralph Zuranski Tells Starvos Sideras about harmful effect of EMF radiation on the TV show "Persona Persona Non-Grata" while he was training doctors in Cyprus to use high-tech biomedical computers to erase the worst forms of pain instantly.

The "In Search Of Heroes" training program is unique because it teaches individuals and communities how to survive, work together, prosper and stay healthy during inevitable natural catastrophes and social upheavals that will occur within the next 3-4 years accelerated by excessive solar radiation and disruptions in the earth's electromagnetic field.

Dr. Tchijevsky, the Father of Heliobiology, studied the sun's impact on the Earth and human history back to 500 BC. He discovered short-term 11.5 and long-term 90 year recurring sunspot cycles that coincided with human migrations, pandemics, epidemics, wars, social upheavals and stock market crashes and surges.

He also believed massive solar flares contributed to earthquakes, violent weather events, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. The "In Search Of Heroes Leadership Training Program" teaches parents, children, teachers and civil servants how to identify and develop their potential heroic leadership abilities.

They learn how to develop and use the full power of their minds through mind-mapping and by creating and nurturing their own hero within. They learn the value of using biorhythms to minimize accidents, injuries and mistakes while optimizing their performance in all areas of life. They use the detailed personality information in their astrological natal charts and handwriting analysis profiles to identify and develop their natural capabilities and skills.

They also learn how to use biorhythm and astrological compatibility reports to achieve harmonious relationships in their family, community and city. The goal is to create mastermind groups based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill in his "Think and Grow Rich" book. Everyone must learn how to work harmoniously together to solve problems in their families and communities. Individuals will use social networking sites like "MySpace" "Facebook" and "YouTube" to make new friends and establish new virtual communities so they can share valuable knowledge and useful solutions on how to solve any and all local problems.

Every individual, family and community will benefit from this international program. It develops the full potential of every individual. It inspires and motivates everyone in the community to make a positive difference in the lives of their family members, friends and neighbors. It teaches them how to live harmoniously with their family members, friends and business associates while they spread "Good News" about local heroes. It empowers individuals to be proud of their community because they are solving their own local problems.

After 24 years of personal research in the fields of energetic and alternative medicine, I recently discovered a frightening pattern is now emerging. Sunspot experts proclaim that the maximum output part of the current solar flare cycle, that began last December with an X-9 solar eruption, one of the biggest solar flares in history, will be one of the most intense ever.

The extreme weather during December 2006 can be related to this surge of solar radiation. Solar radiation is the missing link in understanding the weather patterns throughout history.

The 90 year sunspot cycle is repeating a similar solar radiation pattern that occurred in 1918-1919 at the time of the "Spanish Influenza" that killed over 45 million people worldwide. Napoleon Hill stated that the Mayor of New York realized local newspaper articles created a social hysteria. People feared they would be infected and die. He went to the media and asked them to write positive stories about the end of the plague. In 30 days the pandemic ended in New York.

The news media today is doing everything it can to create fear relating to another pandemic similar to the 1918-1919 Spanish Influenza. The are using the "Bird Flu" as the way to scare people into manifesting symptoms that are explained in the "Fear of Ill Health" section of "Think and Grow Rich." If the efforts of the media are not countered by spreading good news about how people are healthy and getting healthier, a pandemic is inevitable.

Since 1980, when I was Director of Health Research for Family Fitness Centers, I have been developing training programs that include colorful mindmaps, Biorhythm Awareness charts, astrological natal charts, handwriting analysis and superlearning slide shows with brain integrating music, outlines and text documents that help people learn faster and remember more.

I worked with many of the professional athletic teams in San Diego during their best seasons. In 2006, I transformed the teachings of Napoleon Hill in his "Think and Grow Rich" book into a superlearning program. It uses mindmaps with colors unique for boys and girls.
Added: November 01, 2007

There has been disagreement of when solar cycle 24 will begin. At this site, press CTRL F (the control key + F), enter 2007 and press enter. The number will be highlighted (I'm using XP and IE, may not be the same in other browsers).

It might be wise to explore the proper uses of electrolytes (among other things) and a substite for SPF sunscreen (maybe clays such as Pascalite?).


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