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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!

Hello All,

Well, I am pretty sure that I found the problem with my dad’s Electron 4 water machine.

When I pulled the quartz bulb out of the distilling chamber I noticed a dark film on the glass of the bulb. It was definitely baked on there pretty good and I had to scrape off the residue with a scouring pad but it finally came clean.

Before I took the machine apart to see what the heck was going on with it I decided to try cleaning it with white vinegar. I proceeded to back flush the system by forcing a stream of hot water and vinegar back through the output of the machine and several bits of what appeared to be dark half melted balls of rubber came streaming out of the intake tube into the pan. After I saw that come out I pulled the distiller / ozonator unit apart and low and behold on the inside of the shaft that the crystal bulb mounts into was a stuck on glob of either a piece of the heavy power cord that powers the distiller pod or a piece of gasket from I don’t know where. The piece was actually stuck onto the inside of the bulb tube and it was melted and deformed so badly that I could not distinguish exactly where this piece of rubber came from.

One thing I am certain of is that there is no way that piece of rubber could have gotten in there from the water intake line as it is simply way too small. Not to mention that it is impossible that it could have gotten through the screen on the faucet attachment.

This appears to be a clear cut case of poor QC at the factory. Anyway, I removed all the fragments and cleaned up the mess from the residue that was everywhere and the unit did not seem to have any other obvious problems. I put the unit back together and hooked it back up and brewed up another gallon of water. Low and behold, there was no odor while it was distilling and after a short chilling period I got a fairly decent tasting glass of water.

I am relieved that this seems to have cured the problem but I am still very upset with how I was treated by John E.. What a jerk!!! I feel like calling the idiot back and telling him what I found and that it seems that I wasn’t so crazy after all. But then I think ‘what’s the point?’ He probably couldn’t give a rats a** and it would just start an argument. I don’t need to prove him wrong that badly and frankly I am just glad I finally got it to make decent tasting water. As for all of the rest of the alleged claims he makes about this machine, I will let my dad be the judge of that.

User 75031 thanks you for your offer to help. I appreciate it!

User CKMJS, I have some input on your dads condition. I have a cousin that is 49 years old and in the final stages of mantle cell lymphoma. He, like your dad, always took care of himself with exercise and proper diet but that didn’t seem to stop the onset of his cancer. One thing that your dad and my cousin have in common is that they were both using this type of water machine. You know the kind that claims to lower the body’s acidity by raising the waters alkalinity.

I have had a chance to study several of the claims made by these expensive water machine companies and one that I find interesting is the claim that cancer and many other diseases have a hard time surviving in an alkaline environment.
Upon cursory examination, there does seem to be corroborating evidence that the link between disease and alkalinity and acidity exists.

The thing that I find interesting is that just on a whim I took one of my hot tub test strips and tested my tap water before running it through the machine and the ph was about 7.2 and the alkalinity was about 100.

After I made the last batch of water I checked the ph and alkalinity of the distilled ‘energized’ water and was very surprised by the results. The ph dropped to about 6.5 and the alkalinity dropped to about 20. These would be numbers more suited for cleaning water than drinking water.

One of the claims made by Ellis is that his machine produces Alkaline Water and that is one of the key reasons it kills pathogens. Judging by my ‘spa strip’ test, this claim appears to be bullsh@t.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not a chemist but rather an Electrical Engineer and my expertise is not in this field. However, it seems to me that if what is said about cancer and other diseases is true regarding them thriving in a low ph and acidic environment in contrast to dying off in an alkaline environment then the John E. water machine may have actually been a contributing factor by creating a hospitable acidic environment for cancer.

Now, let me make it perfectly clear that I am an advocate of alternative healing methods and in fact I purchased a Rife machine a few years back and have had phenomenal success in treating a variety of conditions in myself as well as my family and friends. The one person that was not helped by my Rife machine was my cousin and that is primarily because there were no frequencies available for the treatment of blastic mantle cell lymphoma.

While the water machine and its false claims of raising alkalinity may be a factor in these cancers I personally believe that the biggest culprit in the explosion of cancer cases has a lot more to do with the Chemtrail phenomenon than anything. But that is another discussion.

I would love to hear back from other Ellis machine owners on ph and alkaline tests that they may have performed on their water. After the second gallon of the water made since the rubber removal the ph and alkaline readings remain the same.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their response. Although I will reserve judgment on the benefits of this water I will tell everyone that if you buy one of these machines and have to contact John E. for any kind of support, you are better off on your own – especially if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Trying to deal with Mr. Ellis is an exercise in futility and all I can say is that if he is so defensive about his product that he has to attack anyone that has a legitimate problem then IMHO this product is not worth the box it is shipped in. But as I said, I will let my dad be the judge of that.


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