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What I stumbled on so far....P4
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Published: 13 years ago
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What I stumbled on so far....P4

For those that have read the prior ones please go to "End of Part 3":

First read Hulda Clarks book, you can get a PDF online for free.
Fluke disease is very relevant now, if we go back to the way cultures lived before us and we single out kosher we find rules for treating animals that require no pork and no blood vessels in the meat cuts. This is most likely an early attempt to keep flukes out of our system.
Here and now we have a whole different ballgame, the body is polluted daily with halogens and heavy metals, each building up inside the body and being used as weapons against us. Worse of course is the ignorance of western medicine to recognize and treat these issues. The most favorite treatment today is to apply more fluoride (halogen) to numb the body responses even more.
Anyhow, the entire terrain is impossible to know at this point (for me) so let’s move to what works and why:
-          Wormwood works it helps to take out lead and kills malaria as well as critters throughout. The problem is finding high Artiminisin content wormwood and of course the body stops absorbing it after about three weeks of use unless you add grapefruit juice to it.
-          Black Walnut works but only if it was processed properly, I still only trust one manufacturer and have thrown hundreds of dollars worth into the garbage because of the lack of quality.
-          Cloves are essential, without clove intake you don’t have a chance. There are alternatives like high heat capsicum (cayenne) which also aids in clearing Artherosclerosis which by itself shows that Herpes Zoster/Nocardia and/or Chlamydia Pneumonia are playing havoc with your system. IMO Cloves are a better egg killer so if possible use Cloves daily however almost everyone has a plugged up bile duct for one reason or another and until that is opened the capsicum is a great substitute.
-          Without bile we don’t digest fats very well and we should really be getting a good chunk of our nutrition from fats. Of course the Dwarf Tapeworm, Gallstones and at least two Fluke species have played right into the no fat camp and fat digestion with most is flawed. Worse if the bile blockage is parasitic, they don’t just block the bile flow they eat it. With gallstones and blockages you get impaired digestion with critters you get impaired digestion and scarred bile duct (so called auto-immune response) and because your body continues producing bile a taurine deficiency. Taurine is required as an antioxidant, immunostimulant, detoxifying agent, neurologically and for cardiac functions.
Unblocking the bile duct is of great importance and the most difficult thing I have ever done. Here is how:

o        First all the stones must go, the liver houses thousands of stones due to magnesium deficiency caused by the critters and low quality digestion/food.
Intake of iodine will help stop stone production but Malic acid is required to dissolve them. Malic acid is highly reactive and not very well taken so one way to get it is to take Magnesium Malate. I won’t take cloves without adding Mag Malate to them since cloves stimulate bile production and with a plugged duct will simply create more backpressure. This backpressure blows up your pancreatic function and when it gets chronic it may cause flukes to invade your kidneys causing Lupus.
Hulda Clarks Liver flushes may help as well…

o        A good adapter powered zapper will help to keep the fluke population under control but as long as there are eggs and a lowered body immune response this is ongoing. So don’t think for a moment you can take a 30 day pill program and be done with it.
o        The dwarf tapeworm was much more difficult to keep under control, pretty much a Rife machine or frequency generator is a must here. I know Vermox (Mebendazole) worked for a day or two and high doses of CoQ10 did as well. I am sure there are other things but I didn’t become aware of this issue until just a few weeks ago.
o        The SCIO notes these Dwarf tapeworms are with the patient for life. I understand that they can reproduce inside us without a needed host so once infected there is no requirement for pollutants like with others. Just a few days ago I stumbled onto a medline article which talks about this infection in rats and how only rats with thymus dysfunction have an issue with them. If the thymus of the rat works then it will produce anti-bodies that kill the eggs and all is well.
So it appears that this critter thrives on sucralose (shrinks thymus) and fluoride (kills thymus) and of course the other heavy metals that may cause damage.
Recent tests have shown that +40% of rats sold in pet stores in the US are infected with this critter, we know that Asian tests have shown +80% of common rats carry it. Infection cycles are very easy, rat dropping dry up and a breeze makes them airborne, we breathe them in and bingo…

-          Blood Electrification, Bob Beck made this available to us and it has been an invaluable tool. The entire body volume of blood flows past the wrist every 12-18m depending on your circulatory health. By applying a micro current it is possible to kill and neutralize all blood parasites/flukes, mycoplasma, rickettsia, malaria/babesia and cancer currently in your bloodstream. The boost to your immune system if priceless. You can get the Beck’s papers online and for a few bucks make your own or buy a great unit from SOTA. The SOTA unit only requires a single battery is shielded so one can use other electromagnetic tools at the same time and has been corrected to lessen electroporation. I can’t stress enough that this tool is the single most important tool. Even if you do nothing else but this you have a fighting chance.
-          Colloidal Silver is another tool that is extremely cost effective, especially since the SOTA unit doubles as a Silver generator. No need to go into all CS can do, one good intro is here:
-          Digestion issues and Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), without sufficient HCL you are open to re-infection by uncooked food. A quick test is to buy some organic beets cook them and eat a ½ cup or more. If your urine turns pink and/or your stool red then you are lacking HCL. HCL decolorized betalain from beets. Needless to say this is serious because it allows the zoo to start in your stomach. That includes constant salmonella infections which dig into your stomach and of course stomach worms and intestinal flukes with H.Pylori. Hard to get HCL, so not sure what to do here other than bring the pancreas back online by stopping the backpressure from the bile duct and add heavy salt intake before every meal.
-          Milk, does the body no good unless its raw milk, Hulda spells it out but the best document I have seen is here: (just change 1->2 for second part)
-          Coffee Enemas, nothing, let me repeat nothing aids a plugged liver as much and as fast as a CE, and all that for under a dollar… Parasite die off can be debilitating, IMO it’s the candida and other critter die off that plugs up the liver, so use these when needed, more info:
-          NAD is essential in regulation and transfer of energy in cells, part of Kreb's cycle. For us this is broken due to B vitamin deficiency, most notable B2, B1 and B3. B3 is required to keep the blood vessels open, specifically the ones that reach the brain these tend to close up due to molds. B2 is used to detox benzene and formaldehyde and some dyes as well as alcohols, while B1 is decimated by small amounts of lead.
Note that benzene is the number one way for flukes to complete their lifecycle inside us by allowing their eggs to hatch. Hulda recommends 300mg of B2 and 100mg of B3 with ever meal. I would add B1 to that, and if seriously ill in the form of BENFOTIAMINE…
-          B12 deficiencies can almost always be looked at as a roundworm/tapeworm issue, if you are going to supplement then don’t feed the critters and use METHYLCOBALAMIN, better to kill the critters with a Rife machine.
-          Ammonia, there is a direct link between high blood ammonia levels, parasites (and parasite die off) and Hepatic encephalopathy. Hulda commented on high blood ammonia levels in her book and also while doing a liver flush; this Ascaris section contains a snippet of that. Another reason for high levels is cirrhosis of the liver which can easily come about from years of Candida.
This must be treated, you will get everything from sleeplessness to day/night reversal as spelled out in the link above if you don’t. Effective methods are the use of L-Arginine during the day and L-Ornithine at night with some Aspartates thrown in, Magnesium Potassium Aspartates are available.
-          Radiation exposure and Uranium, for a while we have been wondering where all this radiation is coming from. One issue is the lack of iodine in the diet; this dwarfs the body’s ability to deal with radiation. The other, as newly revealed by Hulda Clark, is that tapeworms collect uranium which is then redistributed when they die off. Boron absorbs 90x its weight in radiation without allowing DNA damage. Doses of 20mg per day of Boron are considered non toxic. IMO, 9mg of Boron a day are a must during treatment and maybe even after.
-          End of Part 3
-          Biotoxin Illness is real and most likely a huge factor in parasite treatment for most. It is possible that the die-off symptoms are worse than the infestation itself due to Biotoxin release. The bodies glutathione levels are already depleted and mitochondrial functions are hampered from these toxins.  
For me the use of R+Lipoic Acid and 100% ISO-Whey combined with water soluble fiber (Konjacu) plus Chlorella works. The R+Lipoic Acid protects the mitochondrial functions while the ISO-Whey and fiber mix help to supply glutathione and sulfurs while moving toxins out of the system. Chlorella is also needed to aid during heavy Biotoxin periods. The Biotoxins themselves can hamper the function of Leptin and cause unexplainable weight gain for some. More on this can be found at Biotoxin Illness. Another option is this Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol by Dr. Klinghardt which can be found here.
My ND pointed me to ISO whey years ago and told me that some of his patients consider it magic powder. I always got a great kick while taking it but ended up with insomnia after two days or so. It took me months to figure out that I needed to combine it with fiber since the neutralized toxins are expelled via the bile duct and require binding to stop re-absorption. Details of why can be found in one of the videos on the Biotoxin website.
Anyhow one scoop of ISO-Whey with 5ml of Konjacu in juice/water twice a day works for me. Chlorella should be used 3x4 tabs (200mg each) during light periods and 3x12 tabs during heavy detox. In the case of Chlorella if you feel worse when taking it then up your dosage.
R+Lipoic (SR) last for about 8 hrs and for those with graying hair (one sign of mitochondrial issues) during heavy detox at least 3x per day or more.
WARNING: None of this is cheap…
-          End of Part 4
-          More later…



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