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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!

I have recently been reading some though not all of the threads regarding the John E. water machine.   My mother owns one and has been using it for several years.   I have often questioned why it is so expensive and if it is really good for us.   I found this site very interesting. There appears to be people on all sides of the issue.  My mom has never had any problems with the company or John E., of course she WAS buying the maching, not trying to get a refund.   She did have to replace parts at one time and did not have a complaint there either.   From time to time I think the water tastes bad,  but I never think it tastes really really great or better than any other water, its just water.    I have noticed in the freezer at times it makes these upward spikes in the ice cube tray, but I have no idea what that means.     I have read that some people have had problems adjusting the machine properly  We have it at the same adjustment and just hook it to the sink and turn it on as far as I can tell.  The water level in the cooling part is always about 3/4 full and I'm not sure how many gallons she makes at night, but it is not more than 10.   I don't think we have it going too fast.    So I think we have it hooked up and working properly, but who knows.  My mom at one time put many gallons into the pool, but I don't know that it makes any difference.  We use standard chorine in the pool and did not give the other water a chance to show it does anything. 

My dad recently go dignosed with prostate cancer and his psa is 800!  He eats extremely healthy, no junk food, no sugar, lots of vegetables, no drinking or caffeine.   He exercises daily and has not had any medical problems for all of my life. Takes no medications.  He eats a lot of deep sea fish and vegetalbes and salads.  Not much red meat.    Anyway,  he also has been drinking this water for the last few years.   So I don't  know what that means.  Every   body is individual I guess and there are more factors involved then we realize.  I have lupus and am on dialysis and I drink the water.  No great enery boost there, but neither does anything else I eat make any difference even when I KNOW its good for me. I just pretty much feel like crap with no energy al the time. 

So all this to give background.  I would like to know since I have not had a chemistry class (But I tell you what ,this sure makes me want to take one)   I read some of the responses from those who are in the know in this subject and it seems to make sence according the science of the day.   I don't doubt that if you know about chemistry you will believe the things they do about the properties of water,  Like I said I really don't know about this subject, however I do believe that in our lifetime there will be at least one thing if not a few that were "proven" in science" which get disproven due to better science.  I have no idea if this even qualifies to be in that category.   But in the meantime  How do you know or test the bond angle of water or a substance.  Isn't this a clear cut way to verify or discredit this claim,  Or maybe it isnt as simple as all that.   Also how can one verify added electrons or not?The thing that gets me is if this were true,  wouldn't we be able to prove it?  If this is not true wouldn't we be able to disprove it right away?  Will someone please enlighten me regarding the availability of science to discern these properties thereby proving or disproving this concept?   It either IS or IS NOT!    OR   We can't really tell these things by the tests we have available in science today and therefore -  either party could be correct


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