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An Holistic Path to a Balanced Terrain
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Published: 12 years ago
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An Holistic Path to a Balanced Terrain

"Scott, can you elaborate on this statement of yours. What diseases etc have you seen Miracle-Mineral-Supplement work for? and have you been able to put questions to Humble. Sometimes I get the feeling that we are all fumbling around in the dark here!"

Sodium chlorite has been around for a long time as a cleansing/health protocol, and it is very powerful. In the past, I have followed the protocols of Dr. Robert Young (a nutritionist and microbiologist), who wrote the books "Sick and Tired" and "The Ph Miracle", both of which I suggest you read. In addition, Dr. Gabriel Cousens also follows much the same protocol, and he wrote the book "Rainbow Green Live Cuisine".

I have associated with people, in local support groups, and in a national convention in Las Vegas (many thousands) who have had incredible results using sodium chlorite in conjunction with super hydration, green drinks, and alkaline eating. The maladies that I have personally seen reduced, or rectified include: arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes (all severities), fibromyalgia, environmental sickness, some cancers (different types), heart disease, high blood pressure, skin rashes, and others. In addition, I have heard or read the testimonials of many, many others with all different types of illnesses.

However, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is NOT a magic bullet in my opinion. Yes, it is a miracle in the sense that it gives you "breathing room", and a jump-start to enable you to change your life. But, in order to achieve health (a "cure"), a person MUST alkalize their body; there is no other way to do it. And this is a slow and steady process, that takes a minimum of 3 - 4 months, and can take 6 months or more for someone who is very challenged.

In order to achieve a balanced inner terrain ("alkalized") using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , the following are the elements that were used in all the "cures" or very positive results that I know about, and are absolutely essential I believe:

1. Keep the dose of sodium chlorite steady and consistent, and always at a tolerable level.

2. Super-hydration: I would suggest a liter of water per 40 lbs of body weight per day, but this figure may vary. Drinking this much seem very hard for some people, but believe it or not that is because of dehydration; the more hydrated the body becomes, the more the cells and tissues are able to absorb pure water.

3. Grass/veggie powder: get a lot of chlorophyll. One way to do this is to put a teaspoon of dry grass/veggie powder in each of the liters that are drunk during the day. Veggie smoothies in the blender are also a great way to get chlorophyll, and have the added benefit of giving you live enzymes, which are HUGE in helping the body cleanse and get healthy.

4. As you feel more energetic/healthy, try to shift the body to more alkaline/fresh eating. This can best be done by phasing: pick the least healthfull thing you do, and replace that one thing with something yummy, but alkalizing. Also, choose one meal (usually breakfast), and work to make that one meal completely alkalizing. Then keep going as you feel better/stronger.

5. Learn and study ... don't rely on only one source, but take truth from different sources. Learn about other protocols which can augment and support the MMS: Colloidal Silver , oil pulling, iodine. Try reading one of Dr. Young's books, they are very cool.

6. Many people, in addition to all of the above, will need colloidal minerals, vitamins, enzymes, herbs, tinctures, homeopathics, etc... in order to help their bodies on the return path to a balanced terrain. Cleanses are also a great way to help support this process.

7. Address the need for emotional/spiritual healing. So many people fail to recognize how vital this part of the holistic equation is. If you are angry, or bitter, or have not forgiven, or are simply not at peace, or are afraid, or anxious, etc... you are NOT going to be able to balance your body. Negative emotions feed yeast, mold and fungus directly; then those negative emotions are in turn bolstered by the acids and chemicals excreted by these organisms. You MUST support the above steps with some simple and fun emotional healing work.

I say "simple and fun" because they are, if you resolve to have an adventurous spirit about it; but make no mistake, this is WORK, and often very scary (more scary than all the above steps), and totally vital. My best suggestion for this step: breathworks (aka "rebirthing"). And other supportive modalities: yoga, tai-chi, poetry, walks in the woods, journalling, meditation, etc...

There is no way that I could over-emphasize the need to complement MMS with these core and vital healing steps.


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