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Creating Desire for What you Want
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Published: 11 years ago
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Creating Desire for What you Want

Bill: “I have recently started a marketing business for Natural Health in which we refer people, seeking a natural approach to their health instead of a lifetime of medicating, to professionals who can help them. I want to grow this business so I can touch more lives and as my life has been touched. My why comes form helping people like myself who are looking for answers but are unable to find them.

I hope this gives you enough to go on.”

Not enough – not only for me, but not enough for you.

Bill, unless you have a great awareness of what you want to achieve and an enormous desire and expectation that you can achieve it, it won’t go where you want it to.

My first sense of you is:
1. You do want what you want
2. You are not excited enough about what you want (self sabotage starts here)
3. You don’t have absolute belief that you can achieve it (this where the self sabotage also comes in)

So, if you are looking for success, you must start with:
1. Pure focus on what you want and why you want it.
2. You must create so much desire for what you want and have a complete belief that you can achieve it, so that no matter what happens, no matter what others say, you make a clear intent you will get there.

So, let’s start again.

What do you want and why do you want it?

And when you write this, It is essential to write this from a “what I want” as opposed to “what I think I can achieve” perspective. Because the “what I think I can achieve” perspective would be based on limiting beliefs and past experiences.

So, start thinking from the perspective … “If I could have ANYTHING I want, with no limitations, I would want this …” Play make believe, let all your inner dreams flow to the surface, let’s see what you have inside you that would create enormous joy if you achieved it. Dream Big. Anything goes!

Before writing down what you want and why, close your eyes, and get deeply in touch with your business dream: I WANT MY BUINESS TO LOOK LIKE THIS… spend time day dreaming on this, see how it looks in an IDEAL SITUATION. How does it feel? How does the day run? How much money flows easily into your experience? See it as how you want it to be in glorious detail.

Now, have some paper ready and write down the things you want and why.

I’ll give you an example:

WHAT I WANT: I want everyone to pay me well for my work

WHY I WANT IT: Because I know I do great work and I always aim for perfection. I know my customers always receive a quality service when I do something for them and quality has its price. It would also make me feel deeply valued and appreciated.

HOW I FEEL WHEN I THINK ABOUT ACHIEVING IT: It feels really good to be valued. I love being appreciated and acknowledged for being the best in my field. I got a nice buzz anticipating receiving the money!

And with each of these, “What I want and Why I want it” answers, after you’ve written each one, sit down with it, close your eyes, go inside and feel how that feels.

If it feels good, you’re on the right track. The better it feels, the more you will find a connection to achieve it. If it feels bad, think again. Have you written this with limitations imposed? Do you desire this because others want it for you? Is this something that you really want selfishly for you?

So, this is going to take you some time .. take as long as you want. We can’t do the work on self sabotaging unless you put this effort into gaining clarity first.

Go off, fill in as many of the following as you can and come back when you’re ready. Even if it takes a month. Self sabotage is easy to clear.

WHAT I WANT: ______________________________________________________________________

WHY I WANT IT: ____________________________________________________________________

HOW I FEEL WHEN I THINK ABOUT ACHIEVING IT: __________________________________

WHAT I WANT: ______________________________________________________________________

WHY I WANT IT: ____________________________________________________________________

HOW I FEEL WHEN I THINK ABOUT ACHIEVING IT: __________________________________

And ... Do ask questions if you need some clarity on what I've just said.


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