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PS - notes from Schulze's PMS formula

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Published: 13 years ago
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PS - notes from Schulze's PMS formula

PS - note that while you are not directly describing problems due to PMS, PMS itself is a cylclical occurance of a woman's hormones going out of balance, so it stands to reason that your situation might be helped by including in your regimen some of the same herbs that Schulze developed into his PMS Formula. A caveat he has is "stay away from animal products during PMS!". Again, the analogy is, stay away from animal products when going through periods of hormonal imbalance.

What is an example of some of the most common animal products in this context? Red Meat, generally from beef but also "the other white meat" red meat, harvested from typical big-agri feed-lot, concentration-camp  livestock prisons.... farms. Prior to being harvested, animals raised by big agri are effectively housed in cramped cages where they are regularly "fed" ... slopped... injected with growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. There is good reason to expect appreciable residue of these supplements show up in the multitudinous commercial products, not limited to but including eggs, cheeses, milks, creams, breads and cereals, and any of the countless dried, pre-packaged "boxed" and freeze-dried "bagged" products marketed as food, all of which are in some part derived from these animals, and these residues subsequently show up inside the person who avails themselves to thees products after they showed up in cardboard or sterifoam or plastic packages in the meat & dairy & boxed & canned & bottled & bagged sections of your average grocery store. It might be easy to assume that hormones/steroids/antibiotics taken into the human body via second hand animal-product sources will not disrupt, interfere or interact with those that may already be present inside the same human. People struggling to find solutions to varying conditions of failing health are among the people who might want to consider avoiding these kinds of assumptions that we have all been programmed to make.

After going back through hand-written notes, the discussion of women/hormonal imbalances came from tape/video #4 of 7. Beginning at the 58 minute mark of tape #4, Schulze begins itemizing what he carries in his Emergency First Aid bag...... I know, I know, what you describe does not sound like a typical first-aid situation. It didn't look that way to me either when I first watched Schulze go over this long list of items he carries in his emergency bag, but neither am I somebody who has literally gone through life the the past 30-plus years always carrying AND regualarly using a literal black bag, the old-fashioned doctor's kind, the way Schulze has. His discussion of PMS Tonic, one of many items that he keeps in his First Aid bag, begins at the 1 hour, 43 minute and 50 second mark.  There is also an interesting anectdote that fallows this section and relates to emergency first aid he gave a stranger on the beach one day - a woman for whom the authorities had called an emergency helicopter. This was in Malibu where the highways are often gridlocked and the airways are frequently the route used by official emergency personnel. Being the roving unofficial dispenser of emergency aid that he is, Schulze was on the beach and noticed the commotion, so he walked in that direction to investigate. He found the woman on the ground writhing in pain. He asked her what she was suffering from and all he got out of her was "cramps!". He gave the woman a few words to ease her fears, ran across the street to the grocery, came back with a steaming beef buritto, a quart of icecream, applied these to her body, to dramatic effect, and just as the chopper was swooping in on it's approach, the women stood up, left on her own power and the chopper was sent home without ever having landed..... I wonder who's bill the expense of that flight accidentally got applied to? :) 

Here are some specific herbs Schulze feels are useful for PMS: Red Raspberry Leaf; Black Cohosh; Sarsaparilla; Don Quay; Chastria 'Vitex Agnes Castas' (sp?)

The last herb I am not yet familiar with and Schulze did not elaborate on it. He uses these herbs to make up %50 of the ingredients in his PMS Tonic formula, which he then completes by adding some Nervines (herbs that nourish the nervous system, calm anxiety, help you relax), and some Dieuretics (to help with water retention). Some common Nervines are Lobelia (one of the greats), Skullcap (think about it ;), Cramp Bark and Black Cohosh. Siome common Dieuretics (promotes urination) are Parsley, Carrot and Juniper Berry abd these can be found in decent grocery stores, even the giant big-agri outlets that in recent years have become more like shopping malls than grocery stores. The quality of these may not be ideal for herbal uses, but generally still contain enough of their natural, wholesome qualities for a person to get some relevant nutrition from. If there is a health store nearby that offers genuinely organic produce, you might try there too. As a liver flusher you may already know that Parsley can be brewed into a simple tea, and you can even add some crushed Juniper Berries to increase the beneficial effects. For the truly hard-core modern domestics, Juniper Berries are generally found in the dried-spice section of USDA/FDA Factory Outlets Inc, which, around these parts, are better known as Giant Eagle, Martins and ShopNsave. Down south they are known to use the alias - Winn Dixie, and heading towards the upper mid-west from where I sit, they go by Kroeger and Piggly Wiggly. If you know your way around Conifers (like various Pines, Firs, Cedars, Spruces and Cypresses), you can actually get these yourself.... pickem,  if there happens to be some growing near you... sometimes mystery pounds are in part made up by retained fluids. Dieuretics help you to drain fluids.

This is not a blatant plug for selling Schulze products, but since I do not know the exact recipe to make such a formula, here is alink to his web site where a such a formula is available already made. In this order, follow the link to "herbal products", then click to "I agree" if you agree, then click "online pharmacy", and then click "male and female formulas" Here you will find two formulas specifically for women, one of them being the PMS formula.



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