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Indigo Abuse
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Published: 16 years ago

Indigo Abuse

Hey there! My name is Jessica and I am writing on behalf of and Lumina International . I have some big news to share with you.

I am very proud to announce that this summer I will be the producer for an upcoming documentary all about the life of indigos, light workers and star seeds and spiritually aware individuals. This film will be brought to you by Miss Kati Smith and Taho, the owners and creators of and Lumina International, . We will be tackling the daily struggles of indigo children and scientifically explain how our DNA, senses, brain structures, and conscious is evolving and changing.

We will be traveling all over North America and Canada areas looking to interview and film anyone who feels they have something important to tell the world about what is like to be an indigo, light workers or star seeds.

What we want to do is bring everyone together to contribute using everyone's unique skills and talents, as we are all co- creators of collective consciousness. Your voice deserves to be heard and now it will be! We are aquiring alot of buzz as we are already in news papers and looking into radio stations as well to get the word out on are project.

We Are Looking For:
1) Indigos, light workers and star seeds who want to be interviewed
2) Volunteers interested in helping in any way they can
3) We are looking to hire for pre production, production and post production even actors, we would like to have everyone who works with us be of a like mind and positive intent, any ages are welcome as we value all people.
4) People who want to donate or know of organizations who would be interested in our project to help spread the word get it out there.
5) If you can contribute any space or vehicles
6) Your recomendations of experts, scientist physicists on our changing DNA, how consciousness works, or how humans are evolving.
7) Anything else you feel we should bring up after all it is your movie, we welcome all suggestions and comments.

Now it is your turn to speak up to have your say, share your perspective, and tell the world what you think is important to know as we come into the times of great changes in our

On Saturday, May 6th Lisa Bellini will be holding a Lecture on the Indigo, light workers and starseeds Children and Adults. Lisa is most excited and honoured that the lecture will also be filmed by the Lumina Production Crew. The Lumina Crew will interview anyone who wishes to express themselves after the conference. Lisa is a 42 year old Indigo Adult, and is raising a 16 year old Indigo Child; Lisa understands what the children are going through, the teenagers, and especially the adults who are currently going through an awakening process, along with the frustrations that parents and teachers are facing. Lisa will open her life and bring about understanding to the Indigo's. Lisa has already lived the life and knows that only an Indigo Adult can bring about true understand to all groups. Here is a list of topics Lisa will speak about:

*** Indigo Children, light workers and starseeds ***
*** Why some of the of them resort to Drugs and Alcohol ***
*** Indigo, light workers or starseeds Adults ***
*** The Awakening Period ***
*** Going through an Intuitive Depression ***
*** Helping our children with Education ***
*** Nutritional Diet ***
*** Question and Answer (open discussion) ***

This will help anyone who has children with ADD or ADHD, Indigo, light workers and starseeds Adults who are going through an Awakening Period, and Teachers. Lisa will explain how these children think and how they feel.

This gathering will be filmed for a documentary, please come and let your voice be heard as we all speak together.

The Gathering will be held at:
Days Inn
1260 Route 22 East
Bridgewater, NJ 08807 908-526-9500
Lisa can be reached at 908-852-9019

For Updates on where the Lumina Crew will be film the interviews and conferences in the US this summer, please visit .

We are looking to film:
- Indigos, light workers and starseeds who are geniuses
- Indigos, light workers and starseeds who have messages
- Indigos, light workers and starseeds who can channel
- Indigos, light workers and starseeds who can do telekinesis, levitation
- Indigos, light workers and starseeds who can manipulate matter, energy, and time
- Experts who can confirm indigos, light workers and starseeds doing amazing things
- Science to back up the indigo, light workers and starseeds phenomena
- The challenges that many indigos, light workers and starseeds face
- Alternatives to changing this world so its suited for the indigo, light workers and starseeds
- Parents and/or families who have an indigo, light workers and starseeds who have changed their lives
- Famous indigos, light workers and starseeds who know about this awakening phenomena that is sweeping the planet at this time.
- Doctors
- Psychologists
- Neurologists
- Metaphysicians and psychics

The Movie Story:
The movie follows Crystal, a 17-year-old female Indigo, light worker or starseed, in her life. We are invited to see how she perceives her environment. This story takes us through being with an abusive and unsupportive family, unsupportive teachers, negative school environments, and the baffled scientific community. We will show the interactions between these things as seen from Crystal's perspective. The girl will go through an intense awakening where she meets her angels for the first time, begins to see and hear ghosts, and she begins to manipulate matter and energy. Her parents will go as far as to take her to doctors to get labelled as crazy and put on drugs, where she shows her telekinetic powers and destroys the medicine they try to give her. The doctors want to take her in to do several tests. She will meet a soul mate for the first time and manifests her life mission with him.

During the entire story, the film will be guided through interviewed commentaries from experts who can explain why this is happening and indigos that can relate to similar situations.

Subjects Covered:
- The evolution of Humanity as a whole.
- The reality of the astral world explained by science
- Family and societies take on the evolution
- Brain
- Emotions (depression, anger etc...)
- Angels communication
- Soul Mates
- Energy (Auras, thoughts, spiritual bodies etc...)
- Food, chemicals, medicine
- Alpha level, the mediation state

People To Intervew For The Film:
Who : Ronna Herman
Why : She is the Godmother of Angelic Channeling

Who: David Icke
Why: He understands the matrix and how it works

Who: Dr. Boylan
Why: Expert on star child phenomena

Who: Doreen Virtue
Why: She is the most involved writer

Who: Lee Carol
Why: She wrote the first book about Indigos

Who: Dr Emoto
Why: For his work on Water.

Who: Sandie Sedgbeer
Why: Owner of spiritual light worker online magazines

Who: Steven Greer
Why: For his work on free energy and extraterrestrial life form

Who: Karen Bishop
Why: Expert on the Earth ascension

Who: Michael Wicket again
Why: For his knowledge about mind and reality

· People who know about nutrition and food and what it does to the body, how energy from food interacts with the body.
· People who know about psychic attack and so forth.
· People who know how soul mates work
· People who know about and want to change the medical labels put on kids.
· People who can speak on what's wrong with the psychiatric community
· People who can explain why indigos, light workers and starseeds can't hold normal jobs
· People who have ideas on how the school systems need to be changed

If you would like to set up a conference or an Indigo, light workers, starseeds Meeting that would be filmed for the documentary or if you would like to donate or contribute to the documentary in anyway, feel free to contact us at and fill out the form or email me your resume, any questions, suggestions or ideas and what you feel you could contribute. If you want to be interviewed you can fill out this form

Thank you for your time
Love & Light Sent To Your Heart

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