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This info also taken from 7 tape/video series of the Schulze seminar posted recently to the Schulze forum and referenced other places, including the Sinus forum. The segement on how & why to use herbal snuff comes from near the end of tape/video #4 and this segment came near the early part of the larger topic of discussion - Herbal Preparations. For those who are unable to view the video as well as those who do not have the time to view it, here is a condensed version of the relevant information.

The topic of Herbal Preparations begins around the 2 hour and 38 minute mark of Tape #4. The digression into Snuffs came by way of a consistent theme throughout this seminar; every hour or two Schulze would dig into his supplies and pick a sample herb / formula / tincture to give out to each person in the class. This was a method of reinforcing the overall over riding subject of the seminar; natural healing through Herbs. What better way to teach people about natural herbs then by giving the students some first-hand, up-close demonstration by way of some actual herbs? At times he'd hand out just a hunk of root or bark, other times he'd give everyone a few drops of a tincture. In this Snuff example, he gave them each a dose of powdered formula try / taste up their nostrils, literally.

Throughout these sample demonstrations, he wouldn't tell the class right away what they were trying. I can imagine that part of the reason for this was that he did not want to introduce information that might have front-loaded or biased their impressions of senses. He'd hand out the herb for them to test/taste, often by way of handing out a big hunk of root or bark for them to divy up amongst themselves so they each could put a small hunk in their mouth and then chew/taste and mix with saliva for several minutes to allow time for some of the outward effects to manifest. Meanwhile, he'd then return to discussing the main topic of class material at hand. Then 10 or 20 minutes later, he'd return to the experiment to poll the class for their observations and it was only at this point he would reveal to them what the herb was that they had just sampled. 

How many people reading this suspect their senses were unwittingly front-loaded .... triggered towards bias, just by reading the subject line - Snuff ? How many people figurred that the last thing they were likely to find/read in a post with such a headline would involve some actual, very-useful, general purpsoe, natural treating  & healing methods, tips and advice for the sinuses?

The snuff sample used in this example was made into a powdered form from 4 natural herbs, 2 of them more familiar to a lot of people as "food" and not herbs....."weeds". The basic snufffing method described is as follows:

Pour out a small load of snuff powder onto a flat surface that can easily be brought near the noses. For some people, the backside of their hand between the thumb and wrist is sufficient for this purpsoe. Pour out a small pile roughly the size of a cue-tip head, and then roughly divide this into two equally sized smaller piles. Close off the one nostril, then deeply breath the one small pile up into the open nostril; deeply breathing in this instance is otherwise known as snorting. People with already-clogged sinuses may have to repeat this procedure a few times in order to slowly work at getting their clogged sinuses / nostrils unclogged. This initial blast may produce some sneezing, which .....surprise of all surprises, is actually part of the human body's health mechanisms and can be exploited as such. Resist the urge to blow out this herb powder that you just placed into the reaches of your nasal cavity, and in short order, close off the first nostril and snort the second pile of powder up into the second nostril. This may or may not produce another sneeze. This may also produce a discharge of mucous in varoius forms containing who knows what kind of gunk that a person may be harborign in their sinus cavity. This is all part of the natural treatment method, so if sneezing occurs, or musous begins to flow, or if the eyes begin to water, these are all telltale signs that the person's body is in good enough health that it is actually responding in ways that are desired. 

Snuffing will take some getting used to for some people. Especially for people who have sinuses that have been in bad health for a long time, there is a tendency for people to somewhat react instinctively by thinking that their reactions are undesirable. "undesirable" speaks to a relative condition like many other words can and do. In this situation, the reactions people may manifest from snuffing, in conjunction with the person's own collection of beliefs and perceptions, may somewhat instinctively lead them to view sneezing, mucous discharges and watering eyes as a negative situation no matter what the overall condition is about. There is an alternative method that can be used for people who believe they really want to experience some natural treatment for sinuses that are showing signs of being in a condition of failing health, but are not willing to go to the extreme of snuffing herbal powders.

The same powdered herbal formula can be brewed into tea and drunk. This will produce some of the same results as snuffing the herbs, just not as pronounced. The alternative to snuffing is "snuffling", in which case the tea is allowed to cool to an appropriate temperature, and then the person goes about putting some of the liquide up their nostrils, after which they then snuffle - sniff the liquid higher up into the nasal cavity. A bottle dropper is perfect for this snuffling method.

I still remember the first time I ever experimented with cleaning out the sinuses using snuffling. I'd just spent a long day doing some demolition work in an old house in prepeartion for some remodelling, having spent the entire day tearing out old-style plaster walls that had been constructed with lath and horse-hair plaster. For those not familiar, this old fashioned method of making walls predated the invention of dry-wall. Anyone who's ever torn down a section of old lath & horse-hair walls knows the kind of dirty dust debris that is produced in the demolition phase. At the end of that day, a friend advised me that I really should consider something a bit more extensive to cleaning out my sinuses...something a bit more significant than what was the basic method I knew from prevoius training in this world - blowing the nose a few seconds into a tissue / handkerchiefl. Try to think back the first time that you learned how to swim with your head under water, and when you came back up above the water surface, you experienced the sensation that comes when chlorinated water runs up into your sinuses and then eventually drips back down into your throat. This is the basics of snuffing by way of snuffling. The good news here is, the use of herbal formulas can be taylored to be much more friendly and much more healthy and much more helpful to one's sinuse health compared to chlorinated pool water.

The recipe of the Snuff used by Schulze in his demonstration:

equal parts of Goldenseal Root powder and Bayberry powder, with a bit of dried/powdered Cayenne and dried/powdered Garlic added. The formula is made so that the equal parts of Bayberry and Goldenseal make up approximately 80 to 90% of the total powdered formula. As a general guideline, Schulze states that he prefers to use Cayenne that is of a heat-grade of approximately 40,000 heat units, and he uses this guideline for formulas containing Cayenne to be used both interanlly and externally... in other words, be careful not to use a caliber of Cayenne that contains heat far in excess of 40,000... or you may end up bringing to bear a lot more heat than what your condition of ill health calls for. There are multiple reasons why each of these ingredients make good choices for treating one's sinuses with the intention of improving their health. The main reason for Cayenne is to promote blood circulation to the area where it is being applied; heat tends to do this, even when it's naturaly promoted heat sources. There is a simple fundamental involved here - no circulation, no health benefits from the herbs one puts into their body. The Garlic is included to serve as a broad spectrum anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-biotic. Since the sinues make a perfect breeding grounds for viruses, fungess and bacteria, it is also a perfect place for putting some Garlic. For many many years, there have been many health practitioners -both good and bad, who taught that the majority of upper respiratory infections begin in the sinuses.

An important caveat to keep in mind: after a day of snuffling, a person might just wake up with their sinuses cleared better than they have been for many years...or, a person might just wake up thinking that those blasted herbs they blasted up their nostrils the previous day "caused them to come down with a cold" or other condition of pronounced healing. Yes, we people are all similar, but no, we are not identical, so yes, mileage, even nasal mileage, may vary. Depending on just how good or bad the health condition of one's sinuses were prior to snuffing, it is very possible that restored health will not be a quick-fix but instead may involve more healing and treatment and healing and treatment than what occurs after just one day & night's worth of effort. Again, who knows what all kinds of gunk might begin being dislodged upon giving some natural food to their sinuses? Some people might wake up and find old, rotten blood clots are starting to discharge, or some multi-colored dark mucous.... and folks in the greater NYC / New Jersey area may even find semi-liquified, semi-petrified chunks of Jimmy Hoffa are draining from their sinuses. No matter what it is that the snuffing might help to unclog from one's sinus cavity, a person might not realize that they have been conditioned to come away from this experience with the misguided notion that what they are experiencing after putting natural herbs up their nose is merely another good example of why herbal cures are to be dismissed & ridiculed. The point to this caveat is, as is often the case when making efforts to undo years and years and years of embedded unhealthy conditions inside one's body, snuffing may put a person into the position that requires them to also learn a little about what healing processes actually involve and look like when they begin to occur. The general inclination that we've all been trained and conditioned to believe in is that "healing" involves nothing more than an MD prescribing us a synthesized chemical pill, or in the instance of failing nasal health, squirting an OTC or prescribed chemical spray up our noses a few times a day for the rest of our life, and after the pill is taken or the spray sprayed, we can then put our lives back on auto-pilot and forget any of this ever happened. We've also been trained to believe that if the results of an alternative method strays from this pattern, then the person is conditioned to react by believing that the true healing symptoms they expereinced as a result are to be viewed as only bad/negative/quackery, and as such are to be stopped immediately and avoided in the future like the plague, pardon the pun.

Happy New Year and happy snuffing.



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