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Image Embedded MMS/Probiotic experiment - Comments please
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Published: 12 years ago

MMS/Probiotic experiment - Comments please

I did this same experiment several months ago with GSE. I'm a BIG fan of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , but this experiment makes me think maybe we should be careful about the good flora while using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

Please keep in mind this is an IN-VITRO experiment, and it is a home experiment, although I took every precaution to sterilize and keep a clean environment/tools.

I encourage anyone else to repeat this so that we can have different result sets.

The idea was to prepare and try to culture yogurt with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I have made yogurt for over 5 years using this recipe so I know it is trustable.

Here are the steps:
1. One liter of low fat milk was prepared. Heated slowly to 80 C. Then it is left to cool to 45 C. This is rudimentary pasteurization.
2. The yogurt starter is added and carefully mixed with the whole liter of milk.
3. The liter was split in 4 different glass containers (250ml each). The containers and their tops were sterilized using boiling water.
4. The tops were tightly screwed to seal the containers.
5. The containers were introduced inside a metal pan with enough water to reach the milk mixture's level (as seen through the container's glass)
6. Enough heat is added to keep the temperature in the range of 38-45 C.
7. A thermometer is used to control the temperature (every 4-6 hours)
8. The whole thing is left 24 hours to allow fermentation.

Dosages tested:
Container 1: Control. No MMS drops
Container 2: 2 MMS drops
Container 3: 6 MMS drops
Container 4: 10 MMS drops

Here is the whole set after 24 hours before assessing results:




Container #1: The control rendered a perfectly normal yogurt. Fermentation was successful and the batch smelled and tasted like normal yogurt. A heavy metal spoon was introduced and, as expected, it didn't sink.

Container #2: The yogurt was just slightly made, but for practical purposes I can say it wasn't. The smell and taste had a small resemblance of yogurt, but it tasted more like plain milk. The spoon sank to the bottom, but there was a slight viscosity.

Container #3: No yogurt. No smell no taste. Just milk. the spoon sank to the bottom through a completely liquid medium.

Container #4. Same as #3.

Conclusion: MMS inhibited the fermentation of the yogurt culture. The species included in the starter were:
1. L bulgaricus
2. L acidophilus
3. S. thermophilus

NOTE: The bacteria species #1 and #2 are the most common good flora species.

At first glance it looks like MMS kills, or at least inhibited, the good bacteria present in the yogurt starter. The interesting thing is that I did this same experiment with GSE, and even at high dosages the yogurt was always well done in all the batches with GSE. The Grapefruit-Seed-Extract inhibited the yeast growth on a different experiment I did with brewers yeast.

I'll appreciate any comments on this. If this turns to be what happens inside our guts, maybe it is a good idea to take probiotics with MMS if we are planning for the long run.

Of course we may test on different species and dosages, but I found this somehow different from what I expected according to the books. Or maybe I'm just missing something.

I'll repeat the experiment with brewers yeast and let you know.

Please, any comments and ideas are welcome.

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