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i have HIV, nasty swollen lymph node also always fatigue, swollen face, please help, any remedies or cures??? THANKS
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Published: 11 years ago

i have HIV, nasty swollen lymph node also always fatigue, swollen face, please help, any remedies or cures??? THANKS

hello to all, I found out out i had hiv around april 07. i haven't went back for any test to find out my t-cells, viral load, etc... i'm waiting for my w-2 form for i can get low priced insurance through the clinic. Though i've heard some people online say traditional medicine isn't the way to go?? i have a very sensitive stomach so i'm scared to take some powerful HIV medicine, i can't even take many overthecounter drugs without naseau. this is such a serious subject that i'm confused should i go to a dr or go the herbal/non traditional route?

Some say HIV doesn't cause AIDS, etc.... but i've noticed some serious changes in my health over the past few months. I haven't got sick (flu or colds) or lost any weight. or anything but I have about 4 swollen lymph nodes. another thing that's bothering me is i'm ALWAYS DROUSY. I can get 7 hours of sleep on an off day, watch tv for a couple of hours and fall right back to sleep. I can get 8 hours of sleep, go to work and within 5 hours at work i'm tired and co-workers tell me my eyes are very red, i'm only 25. Also my face looks swole, i've probably gained 30 pounds this year and I don't eat much and work a very physical job doing light construction. If anyone can help me with advice, remedies, links or anything i'd really appreciate it.

ok right now i'm VERY concerned about 1 swollen lymph node in particular. It's right under my cheek by my ear. The other lymph nodes are covered but this visible lymph node is very embarassing, especially since it's been here for a few months and since i'm young and black i think people automatically say he's got HIV. I told family members i got into a car accident that's where the knot comes from, i hate it when i go to stores or meet people, it's so embarrassing.

I've tried castor oil packs, 200ppm c. silver, i went to herb shop and this lady assured me this VSC virus stuff and some lymph node herb thing would cure it within a week, NO LUCK. i've tried vitamin c (2,000mg) a day, etc.... I recently talked to someone who's had hiv for 15 years and he told me the only way to get rid of the swollen lymph nodes were by hiv medicine.

CAN ANYONE HERE HELP ME, ANY PROVEN ADVICE, ANY PROVEN REMEDIES....i'm so scared of hiv medicine, i have a vary sensitive stomach, i throw up if i drink alcohol, i get sick if i take aspirin or any type of prescribed pain med (vicodine, hydrocodine) i can't imagine taking some powerful HIV medicine.

Can someone please tell me of some proven methods for swollen lymph nodes, or curing HIV, i don't have much money, i've heard alot about the zapper but have never tried nor do i understand it and i've never heard anyone say it cured them. all advice and theories are welcome. God Bless

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