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Home Remedies - Minor Wounds
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Published: 16 years ago

Home Remedies - Minor Wounds

 Home Remedies - Minor Wounds

Handy Hint:
A small amount of lemon juice pour onto minor wounds can help stop
bleeding and disinfect the injury (it will sting a bit). Lemon juice
applied to itches, poison ivy rashes and wasp stings is said to relieve

Care for Cuts
The bleeding from cuts usually stops by itself. If not, apply direct pressure until it does.

Immediately wash cuts carefully with soap and water.

Apply antiseptic. Iodine and hydrogen peroxide, all available at pharmacies. Aloe, tea tree oil and honey, however, are equally effective natural alternatives. I would recommend that you keep an aloe plant handy, as in an emergency, you can remove a leaf, slit it open, and remove the gel from inside the leaf.

Make a paste made from granulated sugar and water. Sugar also helps prevent infection and speeds healing.

Beat the Pain of Burns
Cool it. As quickly as possible, run cold water over minor burns, or use an ice pack. Place a few ice cubes in a plastic bag wrapped in a cloth (or use a commercial cold pack). Apply for 20 minutes, then wait 10 minutes before applying again. Flushing with cool water is especially important for chemical burns caused by drain, oven and toilet cleaners. Flush the area with cool water continuously for 15 to 30 minutes. If the chemical container is available, read and follow the first-aid instructions on the label.

Pacify the pain. White willow bark contains pain-relieving compounds similar to aspirin. Commission E endorses white willow bark for treatment of pain. Soak 1 teaspoon of powdered bark per cup of cold water for eight hours. Strain. Drink up to 3 cups a day with honey and/or lemon. If you’re sensitive to aspirin, do not use willow — the herb may upset your stomach.

Don’t break blisters. When burns cause blisters, it’s tempting to pop them, but doing so risks infection. If blisters break on their own, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, then cover with gauze soaked with honey, aloe, lavender oil or tea tree oil. Wash the broken blister and change the bandage and dressing once a day.

Banish Your Bruises
Bruises are red, blue or purple marks on the skin. Around the eyes, they’re called black eyes. Bruises occur when a fall or blow leaves the skin intact but damages the capillaries beneath it. People bruise more easily as they age because skin capillaries become more fragile.

Apply an ice pack as quickly as possible. Ice reduces pain and swelling. Do not take aspirin or use willow bark — they are anticoagulants and prolong bleeding.

Take bromelain. This enzyme is abundant in pineapple and has anti-inflammatory action. Bromelain is available at health food stores and supplement shops (chewable varieties of bromelain supplements taste delicious), or you can eat more pineapple.

If Infection Develops
As wounds begin to heal, pain, tenderness, redness and swelling should subside. If they persist or get worse, the wound is infected. Minor infections can be treated safely at home by washing with soap and water, soaking the affected area in warm water and applying aloe, honey, lavender and tea tree oil. But if symptoms continue — especially if pus begins oozing — see a doctor.

Colloidal Silver placed on the cut will prevent infection.

Consult a physician promptly for:

Cuts that won’t stop bleeding, or those with jagged edges that won’t come together. You may need stitches.
Wounds that contain dirt or other foreign material you cannot remove. The wound should be professionally cleaned.
Any burn over an area larger than your hand (except sunburn).
Burns that produce extensive blistering, or any blister more than 1 inch across.
Any human or animal bites that break your skin. Animal bites carry considerable risk of infection.

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