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THANK YOU, Jim Humble!!! My story revisited...
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Published: 12 years ago

THANK YOU, Jim Humble!!! My story revisited...

I just had even deeper realization of how wonderful and amazing this gift of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement that we have been given!!!

So here I am, having spent years and years trying to get my “candida symptoms” under control, and having never really accomplished that, no matter what I tried, finally gave up and resorted to just putting up with the crap.

I do remember coming across the info on “leaky gut syndrome” on several occasions but never did any in-depth study on the subject, almost like I was trying to avoid learning about it…
All I knew was, once you get THAT, tough luck, there is not much ANYONE or ANYTHING can do help.

After reading several really informative posts on this forum yesterday,
I suddenly realized, that what I thought all this time was just good ol’ candida, actually must have been this damn “leaky gut syndrome” all along…

Maybe I am over-simplifying the explanation, but I think I got the jest of it:
while candida is really just bunch of little bitty one-molecule yeast bacteria bugs in your system, what happens at some point if left unchecked is, they somehow mutate into lot larger organisms, the bean-like fungus and mold spores (rhizomes), that just drill holes through and puncture your intestinal walls, and literally root themselves in there…

at which point you are pretty much screwed… there are health conditions, from relatively mild to most bizarre, that are direct result of this invasion..
not only are now all kinds of poisons and pathogens freely “leaking” from your guts to your bloodstream and vice versa, but worse yet, these creepy critters made your body their home, and there has not been a protocol known to man to really eradicate them completely and successfully. (up until recently, THANK GOD!)

No wonder I used to have subconscious resistance to learning about the leaky gut syndrome in the past!!!
Even though this was EXACTLY what has been going on in my body, it was just too damn depressing to face the fact, that your case was hopeless and you were damned to perpetual misery, so I just chose to believe, that I simply had candida.
Yeah, I should be so lucky!! :-)

So up until recently, once you had the leaky gut syndrome, well, sorry, pal, you WERE just pretty much royally screwed.
All you could do was to be a genius yourself and invent the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , or to just sit around and hope and wait and pray for someone like Jim Humble to invent this FOR you.

OMG!!! I just feel knocked off on my butt!!!
You guys, we are so lucky,
I still can sometimes hardly believe it!


(And even this post is sort of tongue-in-cheek, I am serious now - I feel like crying overwhelmed with gratitude…)


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