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Here Comes The Runs
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Published: 14 years ago
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Here Comes The Runs

Sorry for the graphics.

Back up to 10 drops of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement once a day after doing Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for a little over 2 weeks. Got a stomach ache and some diarrhea although not a lot. Don't really have nausea but just feel blech and run down.

The weird thing is that it's affecting this faint blotchy patch of skin that I have had to the left of my Thyroid over where my collarbone meets. Now it's achy and rough (teeny rough bumps) and the ache seems to be connected to that problem left side of my upper body.

The problems started several years after I had a huge Tick bite, the Tick was lodged under my left breast. I got the bulls-eye bruise, and I was never tested for Lyme, but pretty obvious that I have it.

It seems like the problems run in a circular line from the bite up to the left side of my head. Achy collarbone and achy jaw, left-sided chronic ear infections for 3 or so years that never really go away. I can feel a spot under the left palate of my mouth. It's like there is always some kind of infection in there that never COMPLETELY goes away.

Sinus problems, especially left sinus and left eye. I have gargled with Listerine against my left tonsil, and when I spit out there are small wormish things that come out from my eustacian tube. Looks like the stuff on Any serious protocols that I do seem to knock down their numbers, but never completely.

Even after Zapping a year or so ago an open sore erupted all by itself right next to the Tick bite, and some clear balled up worm-looking things came out. I even saved some specimens lol! I put hydrogen peroxide on the sore for a couple days and it healed up and now it looks like I had 2 Tick bites instead of 1!

Then recently before starting Miracle-Mineral-Supplement it feels like the left side of my head was plugged up, and I had left-sided headaches, and on the verge of another ear infection. It's gross to think the critters are in there.

So enter MMS. Serious pathogens need some serious strategy.

I started with a drop once a day, adding a drop or 2 each day. I activate with fresh lime juice. I quickly got to 10 drops a week ago and got the WORST sinus attack. It didn't feel like a cold but terrible allergies, which quickly developed into a full blown sinus infection, mostly left side. It was so bad that I stopped MMS for a day, then resumed at 5 drops.

My sinus infection disappeared 2 days after without the usual salt/peroxide/baking soda irrigation that I typically do to get rid of it!

Now that problem left side in my head seems to be clearing up more than it EVER has, but I can tell it's still slightly there but much better. And now the skin sensations near my Thyroid. Weird. I guess I'm in for some more herxing it sounds like as I think I will be in this for the long haul to get rid myself of these nasty stubborn pathogens.

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