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Re: Black Salve used on jawbone infections?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Black Salve used on jawbone infections?

Tim, get the book "Cancer Salves" by the world expert Ingrid Naiman. Everyone should do that before even considering salve use. My family has used salves since 1986, and for purposes I've never heard of before in some cases, so we have more experience than the average person, but the book is invaluable information.

In it, she has pictures of a treatment where a tumor was wrapped around an artery and inoperable. With careful application, the person was able to remove the tumor and the artery was uneffected, which isn't quite what you were asking, but the salve reacts to abnormal tissue, to it would undoubtedly respond to infection like that. But considering the possibility that this treatment, which is "not a gentle healer" as most salve site say straight out, may leave scarring and some disfigurement depending on what has to exit out of there, you want the most expert advice you can get and that book is it, unless you can afford to fly to the Philippines, where it has been used by MD's since 2002.

A little closer to your actual question, I had a small pea-sized lump beside my mouth near the chin deep in the tissues for several years before my immune system crashed (adrenal/thyroid exhaustion) and it became "active"--sending shooting pains in several directions over my face. I had already treated a tumor on my thigh so I went straight to the salve, which I have in my fridge at all times. (homemade from an old formula) It went crazy, and dumped out white foam that looked like soggy whipcream for several days, formed an eschar which came off as it should and healed over, but it didn't seem right and there was some swelling and eruptions around it so I did it again and went through the same process. I was in college that quarter having to take the required 15 credits to renew my teaching credentials and was bandaged up the whole time, since it looked pretty gross. But the second time was the charm. It healed up perfectly, which it won't usually do if there is a deeper layer of cancer or infection to pursue, which is often the case.

I ended up with a flat white scar about 3/4" long that I wish I didn't have, but the thing is, 3 teeth that were so painful I feared I was going to have to get root canals quit hurting. What I think now was that I was dealing with infection in the jaw (no cavities) that had come to the surface with that lump (which had a tiny surface scabby sore) and that it was drained out through the treatment.

If I had it to do over again, I would try a remote area, like under the chin, and see it that got to the right place. It does on the trunk of the body--you can do a general site near the groin for internal cancers of the organs--but I'm not certain on the face. Still, I would have tried a less obvious place first. You can tell if it's getting there because of a "pulling" sensation on the infected site. We did a dangerous-looking mole on my husband's neck and he could feel that thing pulling clear to his tailbone. It wasn't just a simple mole--that thing had roots, seen before the eschar came off completely.

By the way, our first use was to treat his cirrhosis of the liver (while he was still drinking) in 1986. When he went back to rehab in 2004, his liver was clean.

One person who might be willing to help is Rick at

My site is
--I don't sell anything so it's "safe" to visit, and I have links to some of the most amazing photo sites.

This is not to say save treatment is for everyone. You can count on scarring, pain, and the frequent necessity of more than one application of salve. But the alternative may be far worse without the high level of effectiveness.

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