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Re: Ok, someone posted this on the Body Odor/ Bad Breath forum and I have a question
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Ok, someone posted this on the Body Odor/ Bad Breath forum and I have a question

I think Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is the answer to your Body Odor problems…

Best of all you can go about your normal routine; no additional supplements needed!

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) for Dummies

There is a very large and established school of thought that nearly every illness has a ”bad guy” or two associated with it. These are many types of pathogens; fungus, bacteria, viruses, mold and parasites. A universal pathogen killer of these bad guys in the body may well be the single most important solution to regaining lost health.

Enter Miracle-Mineral-Supplement --Ta-da!

This Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS for short) was discovered in 2000 by Jim Humble. At the time, he was using activated Oxygen water, which have been around for 80 years and consists of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water to cure a large percentage of Malaria victims in Africa and South America, as well as eliminating parasites and numerous other weird diseases you often hear about from third world countries.

Jim was not satisfied with partial success and his research led him to discover that if you mix a citric acid solution (or lemon juice, or vinegar) with the Sodium Chlorite, and wait 3 minutes to activate, it would produce Chlorine Dioxide, perhaps the worlds best pathogen killer of all time. He had 100% cure rate of over 75,000 malaria patients and 388 out of 390 documented aids patients. It was achieved by using the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement to create Chlorine Dioxide. Additionally, countless Aids, Hepatitis A, B and C cases were cured.—Not just improved, cured!

Why haven’t I heard about this? (You ask) Because a simple inexpensive cure is suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA here in the U.S., especially if it is easy to obtain, is dirt cheap and can be made in your kitchen. In other words, there is no money in it since it is a fairly quick and cheap cure, not a drug you must buy forever!

As most of you know, Cancer, Diabetes, ulcers, Lyme disease, pain of all types and even Arthritis is said to be caused by microbes. What you may not know is thatmicrobes are now thought to be “pleomorphic”. (Please remember this term—there will be a quiz later.) Pleomorphic means that a benign (that means harmless) microbe can mutate into bacteria, viral forms. fungus and then back to a virus or that the same microbe can take on different morphologies; for instance the most common Lyme microbe, Borrelia burgdorferi can exist balled up in a capsule or cyst form or can exist in a cell wall-deficient form know as the L-form as well as in two other forms. (Forgive me-I am getting way too technical here)

In other words, microbial form is environmentally dependant. These buggers are smart and it is the reason why Antibiotics (which are only good for killing certain bacteria) are often totally ineffective-- especially when Dr’s are trying to kill a virus with an antibiotic.

Fortunately for each of us individually and for mankind in general, Chlorine Dioxide does not care what the pathogen is be it a virus, bacteria, fungus, mold or parasite--it will kill it---dead—sayonara. And guess what, a two year supply is about $20.

Is it safe? Yes. Extremely safe. It is not the same as Chlorine added to the city water supply to sterilize the water. That Chlorine will form all types of “Chlorides” which are often carcinogenic and have shown to cause arthrosclerosis. (A big word that means artery problems).

Inside the body, chlorine dioxide breaks down into 2 oxygen atoms and a minute amount of table salt , when it is finished killing the bad guys. Then it is excreted from the body within a few hours.

Now for the details on how you can clear your body of viruses, mold, unfriendly bacteria and parasites so you can feel better and eliminate many health issues. Please Note; Chlorine Dioxide has no known adverse effect on the good bacteria in the digestive system. (It doesn’t get much better than that)

The goal is to work your way up to approximately 15 drops of MMS a day without any adverse effects. (We will talk about those a bit later) Here is exactly what you do.

1. Buy a bottle of MMS from your local supplier for the ungodly price of $20. It should last you between 1 and 2 years.

2. Buy citric acid Powder from your local health food store.

3. Put 1 TBS of the citric acid Powder into a container and add 9 TBS of distilled or purified water to the powder. This is now a 10% solution of the Citric Acid Powder and is the “activator” for the MMS to produce the Chlorine Dioxide.

4. Put the daily dose of MMS drops into a glass and add 5 drops of the citric acid solution for each drop of the MMS in the glass.

5. Wait at least 3 minutes, but no more than ½ hour, for the activation to occur.
6. Add 4 to 8 ounces of apple, or pineapple juice that has no vitamin C added and then chug it down—(or sip it slowly)—your call.

Getting started:

Start with 2 drops of MMS and follow the instructions above. If you have Lyme disease, start with ½ to 1 drop. Listen up! We are serious; do not start with more than 2 drops on your first dose! Here is why—

When there is a large “die-off” of pathogens in the blood, your body will give you indications of how much is too much. You may get a slight headache, diarrhea, or feel some nausea. All of these healing reactions are indicating that something good is happening in your body. But we don’t want to go overboard and be uncomfortable or feel a little crappy.

So again, start small with 2 drops or less—this is powerful stuff! Please believe hundreds of people (and yours truly) who had to show their testosterone and start with 15 drops right out of the chute—(Not a good idea)

• Each day thereafter add 1 more drop and see if you sense any of the suggested reactions. If so, hold at that level or even back down a drop for a few days and then start the upward progression again. Your body will tell you if you are going too fast. It may take a couple of weeks to work up to the 15 drops. Big Deal. You are in the process of fixing a very long term health issue and it may take a little time.

Once you are able to take 15 drops a day for 30 days with no reaction, you can back off to a maintenance dose of 6 drops a day of MMS for maintenance to keep your body clear of the pathogens we acquire daily from our food, water and air. Oh, and by the way, the inventor, Jim Humble, is convinced this product alone will add 20 years to your life span. Currently he is 72 and feisty as hell.

Rules of Thumb: • Do not take with any vitamin C supplements or juices with “added” ascorbic acid. It will negate, nullify and make the MMS ineffective. Martinellies apple juice from the health food store is ideal as it has no added vitamin C.

• Take the MMS as far away (time wise) from other medications as possible.

• Take your MMS about 1 hour after dinner or before you go to bed. (Lots of healing occurs when you are asleep)

• If you have acute inflammation or are extremely sick anyway and don’t care about the possible side effects of overloading on the MMS, start with a bigger dose (follow your intuition) and you should see significantly faster results although you may pay a small price for the jump start in the way of headache, diarrhea or nausea.

• Depending on the seriousness of your condition and if your body can handle it, you may want tot take 10 drops of MMS 3 times a day.

• Children should take proportionally less because of their weight.

• In an emergency situation, some people take a dose every hour until the issue subsides.

• MMS does pass the blood brain barrier and many can feel it working in their brain.

• You can use water instead of the suggested juices above, but in 4 or 5 days the odor is a bit like bleach and is a little tough to take. So most people prefer juice. (Without vitamin C—No Orange juice or grapefruit juice!)

• One other side effect that occasionally occurs is extremely fragrant stools—so just be aware. We are dealing with a lot of dead organisms and the smell of death can be unpleasant.

• A truly healthy person can take 15 drops the first day and show no side effects. This is extremely rare, however, and we do not recommend trying this!

• Brush your teeth with this stuff! 3-4 drops of MMS, add the Citric acid solution and ¼ glass of water. Can get rid of gum disease and solidify the teeth in the gums.
If you have and questions, e-mail Jim Humble at
You may also order his book and learn of 3 sources to purchase the MMS here in the U.S. and Canada.

Happy Healing!!!

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