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A Letter to the Doctor!
adamson77 Views: 8,503
Published: 13 years ago

A Letter to the Doctor!

how do you get answers from a missing doctor?
was I wrong for sending this to his new job?

Dr Todd M. Beste

You attempted to remove the mirena and you caused damages. I reported you to the north carolina board of medicine, but nothing happened. Its very upsetting to be treated by a doctor that can not be located. I was told that Adam Murray was no longer working PCMH when I requested pain killers. You made alot of mistakes that day that I can not forget. You caused infection and scrarring inside my uterus that has caused me to be infertile. It was May 23, 2005 I was being seen by the resident Adam Murray, he could not find the strings to remove the Mirena. You sent him into the room four times with stupid reasons to keep the mirena in place even with the discomfort even suggested that I add another birth control to it. The ultrasound showed the mirena was still inside me somewhere in the wrong position and it also showed an embryo that Adam said was insignificant. The cna Christy Daniels even came in out of the blue and said that I was not pregnant. I know what i saw on the screen and I also saw the print out. Adam said he would clamp me open and use the hook, I said ok go ahead even though he tried to make me look at the hook to scrare me. After several attempts to remove it he got frustrated and I asked him to remove the clamps from my body, he said NO and left the room. You Dr. Todd M. Beste entered the room and started jabbing away inside my uterus until I screamed STOP! Then you said well maybe thats a reason to keep it now. You came in the room to inflict injury and make me want to go home.

You Did Not
wash your hands because the sink was beside my head and I would have seen
wear gloves because the cna was holding them and she was beside my head.
introduce yourself to me.
ask my permission to touch me.
tell me what you were about to do.
show your face.
send me to an ultrasound tech.
apologize for your actions.
did not care about my pain and told me to leave and call back to make an appointment for sugery and you left the room.

I had to google you to see the face of the man that cause so much pain.

You knew that you had caused an infection thats why you removed your name from my records. You trashed my ultrasound pictures even after I had seen them. You told the cna to lie about me being pregnant. Before I left the office I heard a lady in the hall say what happened to the pregnant girl with the IUD? At that time Adam walks in the room with my ultrasound pictures that he had been showing to other people down the hall. My records only say that an ultrasound was done, the pictures are missing and the measurements of my uterus, if I was scheduled for removal surgery why would you trash my pictures? How can you sign my records if you are not there? I called for 3 days begging for pain killers and was ignored by the nurses and was told to go elsewhere. Your entire staff acted foolish and cruel towards me even yelled at me. I was told to refer myself and that the doctor Adam was no longer there. I was just there to get my records but was forced to see a nurse. After 3 days of being ignored I never wanted to set foot in there ever again. Three days with no food, water, or sleep caused me to lose 20lbs i was in shock and almost fainted on the scale. My bp and pulse was low even after the shock.
I had to pay out of pocket to get it removed by a better doctor that only took 15 seconds. You and Adam took 45 minutes to do nothing but caused infection and swelling.

The infection caused swelling and pain. My lymph node in my left leg is still swollen and the entire left side of my body hurts. My back hurts and I can't stand for more than 15 minutes. I could not eat until I had it removed my teeth started falling out I was shaking alot and almost killed myself. I still got to use the bathroom 4 or 5 times a night and 5 or 6 times a day. I pee when I sneeze or cough now all because of you. my uterus twitches all because of your jabbing. I would vomit evertime I tried to eat my entire digestive system has been damaged because of you. My uterus is twice the size as normal. That means either you caused the scarring and stretching in my uterus, or it was all ready that size and the mirena would not have been a suitable bc for me.

I did not know that I was being given an IUD, I was never shown a picture of it, or told how it works. No one told me the side effects or gave me any information about the mirena. You and your entire staff are at fault for my pain and suffering and infertility. Its been 2 years now and I still can't get over what you did to me. Maybe you should google your self sometime. Late one night I found thousands of women that feel the say way at
the mirena class action forum and in the bad doctors forum.

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