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Flesh-eating salve? --Not always
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Published: 15 years ago

Flesh-eating salve? --Not always

My family heard about the salve treatment (bloodroot "black" salve used with a light salve) many years ago and had a formula long before there were any websites that we knew about. In fact, before we ever had our first computer in 1999. I've used it many times and for a number of different reasons. First, my husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and had other areas of unhealed injuries and infections. He did the salve treatment on an area advised as a kind of generic location between his groin and waist at least 4 times so far and it has always reacted, and formed an eschar (scab) with a lot of drainage that always made him feel better afterwards. Even though he remained a heavy drinker until a year ago, they found no more signs of diseased liver or anything else since then. But we've used it for other reasons also, so my experience is both personal and substantial. What I can say first hand is that it has been applied several times with no reaction whatsoever. My husband had a friend with Breast Cancer who was sent home from the hospital to die, was given a salve treatment years ago and there has been no sign of cancer since. Every year she does a 24 hour check with the salve and has never gotten a reaction since then. I gave some of mine to a friend and the skin got a little pink, but nothing developed. Then I used it on my granddaughter's chin in hopes of removing an unsightly mole and it did nothing. The same batch (which we've had for years) got a strong reaction on an ugly mole behind my husbands ear that looked dangerous, but when I tried it on a mole on my arm a few days ago I got NOTHING. Not even pink skin around it. If anyone wants proof, I will apply some more to my arm and take photos of it outside where the sun will prove the time involved, and continue taking photos before, during and after to prove my point. I have a website with the formulas, instructions, and a huge amount of photos: If anyone tried my site before, I just now discovered that the home page link went to the wrong page, and fixed it so please try again. However, if I had it to do over again I would probably buy the salve sold by the previous writer. I suspect with the added ingredients, it is a kinder, gentler salve which is easier to use. My formula came from a book printed in the late 1800's so its a very old one.

Also, since cancer involves a process, and the cancer is the result of that process, one still needs to address the underlying causes of cancer. I came across what may be the best supplement for treating both deficiency states and toxemia, as well as treating the all-important pH levels that are always too acidic in cancer states. See that on

Please excuse the rather crude appearance of my website. It began as a college classroom project. I am re-doing it in a more updated,contemporary format, but it takes time to convert from one to the other.

Again, if anyone wants to see an example of a black salve treatment that just sits there and does nothing, let me know. I will do the salve application, take photos and upload to my website salve photo page.

The light salve that goes with the cancer salve treatment is the best antiseptic cream I've ever seen. No infection around our home has ever survived the light salve application. I'm using it tonight to doctor my daughter's pitbull with that kind of horrible mite infection that takes all of their hair and sometimes kills them.


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