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Truth hurts, CANCER KILLS
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Published: 12 years ago
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Truth hurts, CANCER KILLS

So lets do some addressing shall we. You speak of the Herpes virus and the now cure? What cure is this? So are you talking about attacking Herpes at just the cellular level or at the root level being the nerve root? If you do not clean the herpes out of the nerve root then you have NO CURE! You simply have a dormant herpes and theres many ways you can deal with Herpes to put it in this state. I do not know of any way to remove Herpes from the nerve root. So personally I would say Miracle-Mineral-Supplement does NOT cure Herpes as you claim.

Lugol's Iodine is very alkaline but it doesn't work in the body as your told. If these things alkalised you then you'd be DEAD! The kidney's deal with the acids and alkalines which are built up in the body to stop them altering the blood pH and kiling you. It's a total farse! Now when you measure your saliva you will get a reading and most do their saliva when they get first get up. Study fasting to understand this. Now they also take their pee reading and think wow I'm acidic because my little pH paper says so. NO your not acidic, your kidneys have simply done their job and removed the acid before it affected your blood pH and killed you. Why do you think they warn people about high dosage Ascorbic Acid intake in pharmalogical dosages especially? They worry about the KIDNEYS why? Because the kidneys will be the dealer of the acid. When people eat Alkaline foods and feel good they put this down to alkalinity when infact it's just that most of the foods taken in are nutrient dense compared to the usual crap they've eaten before haha. They then test their pee and get an alkaline reading so they think hey I'm alkaline, NO your kidneys have cleaned out the alkalinity thats all hahaha. When they test their salvia a little after having these foods and citrus they get an alkaline reading, YES because you've had alkaline stuff in that area. The Kidneys will deal with that in your pee eventually haha.


I've not totally attacking this product have I? I've said it could be used as a protocol. I'm trying to get people to understand they need a PROTOCOL! You want to argue with me? Well then your arguing with sound Max Gerson, Kelley, Christopher knowledge and their the KINGS in the Cancer game.

Remember folks when one trys to re-educated people and sets themselve up as a teacher they have become a THREAT and must accept DENIAL and ATTACK until the student finally realises their mistakes.

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