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Suggestions for healthy bras, etc.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Suggestions for healthy bras, etc.

First of all, thanks Monica999 for reminding us of the link between bras & breast cancer. I've been going bra-less at every opportunity, it's easy during the winter. I'm also not that big(36B), so it's not uncomfortable. Feels good, as a matter of fact. But, when spring comes, I feel like maybe I won't want to be jiggling around so, I've found some ideas for "healthy" bras & alternatives. You large-breasted ladies that cannot fathom going bra-less, please look into the "brassage". Links at end of post.

Monica's post:


and a link to the website Monica posted. I've looked around a bit, seems to be a lot of "support" offered. hehe...anyway, worth joining for the clothing suggestions alone, I think:


While we're on the subject of mammos and breast cancer, I'd might as well reprise the possibility that wearing a tight, sexy, underwire, pushup Wonderbra or whatever might not be doing your breast health the biggest favor.

Why? The mammary glands are filled with lymphatic vessels, and this is how the breast drains toxins (and when the lymph poops out, you end up wtih lymphoma). Lymph is a fairly dense liquid, and to get it pumping you need movement (e.g., exercise moves muscles, which squeezes the lymph along), and, unattractive as this may be to us in the West, the free-swingin' National Geographic type braless breast naturally keeps the lymph moving as well.

If something impedes the cleansing process, an imbalance occurs and the sex hormone by-products become destructive molecules called free radicals that begin cellular damage (called lipid peroxidation) which could lead to breast cancer. Plus, smearing on the aluminum chlorhydrate right on top of your lympph glands (and, also blocking your sweat, another detoxification defense in the body)...doesn't sound so hot.
Interesting facts: Olga, the designer of Olga bras herself died of BREAST CANCER, and her daughter, while not overtly saying anything about the bra's role in her demise, invented a new kind of "lymph massaging" bra that basically tries to undo the lymph restriction that bras cause.

link to comfort and yoga style bras


and, for those that may be having trouble with lymph flow, may want to look into this:


More on Olga, her daughter and the bra she designed, follow the link for pic and more info:

"As the daughter of a lingerie mogul, Christina Erteszek has seen a lot of bras. But none quite like this one.

With quarter-size bumps rippling through its sides like three-dimensional polka dots, the newest design in Erteszek's health-conscious lingerie line doesn't look like the generations of sexy, demure undergarments that have come before it. And it doesn't act like them either.

Called the "Brassage" (Bra + Massage), it's designed to enhance the body's natural ability to eliminate toxins from the breast tissue.

"The idea of doing just another pretty bra really just didn't appeal to me," said Erteszek, 56. "I didn't think the planet needed another one of those."

Erteszek's grandmother was a corsetiere and her mother, Olga Erteszek, was the founder of the Olga Lingerie company, still a leading intimate apparel brand in the United States. After her mother died of Breast Cancer in 1989, Erteszek was inspired to design bras that promoted breast health as well as sex appeal.

She founded Intimate Health by Christina, an Earth-friendly lingerie company specializing in health-enhancing garments. Besides the Brassage (which sells for $44 to $48, depending on the design), the company sells all-cotton bras and undergarments designed to prevent bacterial infections".

the brassage website:

and a link to buy:

~ALSO, on the intimate health website, there is a state by state listing of retail stores offering the brassage...:)

"Brassage is the first and only wellness bra. As you move, imperceptible massaging bumps (about the size of a quarter) in the side panels stimulate circulation in the lymphatic area. This important area processes 80% of the bodys lymphatic drainage of toxins and impurities from the breast tissue. Doctor-designed. Breathable blend of 90% Swiss organic cotton and 10% spandex. You may experience tenderness during the detox process."

~I would highly suggest being properly fitted for a bra before purchasing online. Thanks to Oprah, most high-end department stores offer bra-fitting services....Nordstrom's does, I know.


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