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Re: MMS-The most powerfull healing protocol to date!

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: MMS-The most powerfull healing protocol to date!

When dealing with a deadly disease such as:


Now one should go around claiming one product is the key as this certainly is not the case and never will be in the mass population.

It beats me how people can suddenly drop the greatest Cancer doctors such as MAx GERSON and WILLIAM DONALD KELLEY for singular new products which will never have results constantly like those two doctors. So does this Miracle-Mineral-Supplement give your body all it's needs from masses of Vitamins, Enzymes, Minerals, Amino Acids and on and on? NO! If I want Minerals I'll take the legendary Blackstrap Molasses or Sorghum Molasses (Don't worry about Glucose scaremongering), I know people with Cancer surviving on Blackstrap and Pineapples alone. Gerson supplys the body with all it's need whilst cleansing it all IN BALANCE making a very healthy body.

Notice the guy mixing Miracle-Mineral-Supplement had Cancer 3 years ago and now it's in his lung which he believes will be cured in 2 months. Why did he get the Cancer back? Because he didn't address the whole problem which is all his nutrients and boosting of various Organs such as Liver, Pancreas etc. This will happen all the time, a never ending fight. So until the Cancer is cleaned up properly then a Water Fast is undertaken when all clear of Cancer then a continuation of proper diverse eating and periodic annual cleanses are adhered then you will suffer until so.

I've dealt with Cancer knowledge and a few people for quite some while now, I've seen this and that and I know whats logical. We cannot play about with Cancer it's peoples lives at stake. Give me a good Dr John Christopher/Harry Hoxsey/Gerson Herb formula anyday over this product.

MMS won't have a hard job killing hiv seeing as it's never existed and never been proven or isolated if you do some real research. If you have some hiv you could win the reward for the first person to prove it haha. So I'm not impressed there. Again this is reality, common sense and logic time.

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