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My "fatty liver" was liver flukes

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jessesmom1987 Views: 6,777
Published: 15 years ago
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My "fatty liver" was liver flukes

I too, was told I had a fatty liver by a GI Dr. I was told to "go home and lost 20#". Yet, my liver was hurting, and my liver enzymes were elevated. 2 of the ultra sounds showed nothing, including stones anywhere, the cat scan showed nothing- that was prior to gall bladder surgery. The hida scan showed a gall bladder only functioning at 5%, so the gall bladder was removed. The gall bladder had no stones in it.

During the surgery, the surgeon also did a liver biopsy- and said there was no sign of "fatty liver". I thought that was the end of my problems.

Yet, months later, liver enzymes still elevated, and liver still hurting, I became determined to find something to help myself, I went on "The Liver Doctor" program for fatty liver- followed the diet exactly for over 8 weeks, no refined sugar, no dairy, no meat, no caffeine, eating raw vegetables and raw vegetable juice. And, faithfully took the liver support supplements. It's a good program, with good information that I did learn from- the liver being congested does affect everything else-- but my liver was way beyond just the diet and supplement change.

A couple of weeks into The Liver Doctor program, I found Curezone, and did a couple of liver flushes, with much success. With no gallbladder, I had alot of green liver stones , and some large ones.

After doing several successful liver flushes, I, again, had another ultra sound- it didn't show much, "possibly fatty liver".

When I mentioned all of this to Dr. Sutter, his response was "you will never get your liver healed if you don't do a parasite cleanse, I'm sure you have liver flukes". I started right away on parasite cleansing- and sure enough, started seeing liver flukes immediately. My husband and I are both convinced that the "possible fatty liver" the technichian thought he might have seen in the ultra sound, were liver flukes, because I have had a pile of them.

From my own experience, had I not done the parasite cleanse and started killing the flukes that were the reason for the congested liver- and done the liver flushes, along with colon cleansing to keep it all moving out- I'm positive I would never have found the true cause of the problem, because nothing showed up on the ultrasounds and cat scan, or the liver biopsy.

And yes, weight gain was one of the frustrations through the last 2 years of having the liver problems, even trying to do the "traditional" methods of controlling weight- walking 4 miles, watching my diet. But, when the liver is congested, fat is not metabolized, cholestrol is not eliminated, and everything is out of whack.

In the blood tests I did at the beginning of starting to work on getting my liver healthy, everything has been elevated. I don't plan on doing another blood test until Feb. which will be 6 months, just to see, but I'm positive there's going to be changes just from getting the parasites killed from blocking up the bile ducts, and from getting stones out of the liver. My cholestrol was elevated, C-Reactive protein was elevated, fibrinogen was elevated, and creatnine (kidneys) was low (caused by liver problems).

Telman has an interesting blog about what happened to his cholestrol level.

Another interesting thing the Alternative Medicine Dr. told me too...the colon has to be cleansing properly in order for the toxins to be eliminated so they aren't getting recycled back through an already stressed liver---but also if the colon is not cleansing properly, cholestrol in the liver is going to stay backed up in the liver too.

So, it all goes hand in hand, but from my own experience, a "fatty liver" is a plugged up liver. Colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, liver flush.

We've spent alot of money on medical Dr's for me to have discovered this on my own. I'm positive medical Dr's would never have found out what bad shape my liver truly was in---"just go home and lose 20#, you just have a fatty liver".

By the way...since starting all of this the 25th of June of this year, I've lost 35# doing nothing but concentrating on getting my liver healthy..including eating "liver friendly foods", and staying away from refined sugars, I'm celiac so I can't have gluten either, avoiding fast foods....Telman has good information on what foods are good for the liver too. I raised my own garden and love beets, and drank alot of raw beet juice this summer. I've never once been hungry, there's no reason to be. It's about eating what is beneficial to the liver.

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