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About PH and MMS - Caution: Scientific content!

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Published: 12 years ago
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About PH and MMS - Caution: Scientific content!

This post is not intended to be scientific fact, though it is based on scientific knowledge and from there some logic reasoning is evoked.

I've been reading about concerns regarding PH levels and Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

But what's PH? It'll be good to think about this for a minute.

I'm not an expert on chemistry, but I took my courses on college.

Basically, PH stands for the degree of activity on Hydrogen ions in a solution. Neutral PH (around 7) is when Hydrogen ions(+) equal the opposite OH(-) ions in a solution.

So what the heck with all these ions?

Well, ions determine the level of chemical reaction activity within a solution. Body fluids are solutions, though a little more complex that just simple H and OH ions, but anyway they can be described as having their own PH activity potential.

And where does this get us? Well, body fluid PH has been proven to be related to overall health status. The more H+ ions (or more precisely the more acidic/lower PH) the more likely it is to be harmed by this solutions. Our bodies have an automatic (homeostatic) mechanism to control PH levels by introducing different elements in our fluids to keep the PH level nearly constant (this is called buffering). The most important and controlled medium of our body fluids is the blood. But inner tissues must also be controlled and not every bodily part has the same PH, although every part has it's own PH level to be kept in check by our autonomic controls.

Keep in mind that urine is not a measure of bodily fluids, but it is a mixture of excess elements. However, I agree that urine PH levels are a good indicator of how much acidic waste we are excreting, hence urine is a good indicator (but not 100% reliable) of how acidic our inner tissues.

So how about people saying we are acidic or alkaline?

Well, although still in debate, it's not hard to conclude that even though the average PH on a tissue may be kept under control by the body, specific localized parts may be more acidic than others and so the overall PH is kept in check by the addition of buffering elements by the body. However, this is an ongoing process that is never ending. Myself and some friends I have (chemical engineers some of them) think that the inner cell environment might be generating elements that make the environment acidic and so the body buffers those with alkaline ions to keep the PH in check, but the net result may be some localized areas having an acidic gradient (acidic tendency).

Pathogenic intruders have this acid generating effect that forces the body to buffer their byproducts to neutralize the acidic ions. The problem in our opinion is that this tendency leaves some time, between the instant that the acidic elements are formed until the body senses and finally neutralize them. And this time is a chance for destructive chemical reactions to take place at the cellular level.

Lower PH in bodily fluids creates an environment for cellular damage by acidic ions.
So if you followed this idea, even if the body is keeping the PH level constant, the problem is the acidic gradient (change tendency) which creates a time window for acidic chemical reactions to occur, hence, acidic damage.

And where does Miracle-Mineral-Supplement comes into this equation? Hmm, this is tricky cause the ClO2 molecule and it's reactions are very complex, but it is wise to speculate that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement reduces the acidic gradient from any solution, even by taking ions from pathogens (and killing them by doing that).

So, when you wonder about PH, remember that your body is always fighting to keep the PH on the inner tissues in balance, but the difference is that if you give your body alkalizing elements (through diet) or by taking MMS, you are changing the way and the intensity with which our buffering systems work to keep that PH stable, and at the same time lowering the chance of acidic chemical reactions to perform excessive damage.

In that sense I think we could say that MMS is alkalizing.

Uff, thank you for reading this (if you got here). Hope it makes things a little more reasonable.

More on PH:

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