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*PS* More school indoctrination
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Published: 14 years ago
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*PS* More school indoctrination

Try not to take all of this out on the teacher. They certainly own a healthy share of responsibility given their unique position in the present system; they are in an ideal position to be used as tools destructive to the genuine interests of educating. In many cases they serve as unwitting tools, but chances are good the average teacher is unwittingly indoctrinating this nation's young people at the behest of higher powers. The average teacher teaching in the U.S., be it in lower (K-12) or "higher" education, is just a hump on a state-sponsored payroll "just doing my job" as the cliches goes, in this instance just doing a job earning a paycheck putting meat on their table by following instructions that filter down to them from the chain of state command. Granted, for accounting & auditing purposes, paychecks for teachers in public lower schools are purported to be funded by "local" and "county" taxes, and in the higher realms, also from "endowments"....and "foundations"...and (my favorite) "private funding". This view is fine as far as shell games go and as far as keeping the people deceived, but at the end of the Conspiracy day, the teaching/learning for K-12 as well as college level is and has been increasingly under the guidance of globalists for, conservatively, the past 50 years. The teachers themselves may not know this. They should know. There's been ample opportunity for them to to know. It is somewhat of an irony that these "teachers" themselves have by and large done a good job in avoiding the coming into awareness of "learning" the relevant reality here.

In the scheme of things, teachers function pretty far down on the chain of education command, but to repeat, they are in a strategic position. They are so far down that it is easy for them, in conjunction with parents, to be chief among the unwitting accomplices to the subversion of their children's experience of learning.

There are many hooks that have been woven into the system to ensnare people the past several decades. Many of these traps were premised upon & revolve around the implied consent that state's assumed subsequent to "granting" various "funds" for maintaining operations of these public institutions. The model in use is nearly identical to that which has come to prevail in orthodox medicine "healthcare" business. By law, doctors are not allowed to dispense genuine health-care related information if & when such is not condoned by the ______ (call it what you will....union.....fraternity.....brotherhood.....institution.....racket, etc) that ultimately controls the system. Even in the rare event a licensed doctor (and certified teacher too) is in touch with their conscience enough to attempt giving out genuinely beneficial information (be it to patients or students) if this strays from state objectives, these teachers will soon find themselves blacklisted, smeared, out of a job and possibly worse if they persist in their activist's ways. BTW, if one looks into the history of the word "doctor" one will find that it's use originated to speak of those who "teach", so the parallel is especially fitting.

*PS* since you asked for advice, the advice I have is that taking this up with the teacher and or the school faculty and or the school board is the wrong level to take up such a problem. The quickest analogy off the top of my head is going to the road workers part of a DOT crew who are working a job in your neighborhood and the job in question is that they are tearing down people's homes in your neighborhood - a job they are merely "hired to do by somebody above them because of "eminent the name of progress....for the greater good, yada yada yada". You may be able to find a road worker to engage you in airing your concern/argument, but in the interest of getting any where that might correct the situation, this is the wrong level to be airing your concern.

Are you a "lone nut" in this particular instance. No offense intended, but it seemed relevant to use a term that has become well programmed into the minds of public conciousness. If for no other reason, you may need to confront the reality that this is how you may be perceived by people who do not share the same genuine concerns that you do. In other words, do you know other parents that are also disturbed by the same situation you mentioned... or are you the only one that you know of?

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