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Re: newbie with fibromyalgia
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: newbie with fibromyalgia

I read thru this thread about fibromylagia and wanted to add a $0.02.

My wife is a liver transplant recipient. She experienced FM months after her transplant and it continued to get worse and worse. After a series of doctors later for various things, came across a rheumatologist who nailed it for her. Meds from her transplant had caused a leaching of Vitamin D. He said that low D levels can contribute to a lot of things, some misdiagnosed, like FM. He said FM is one of the main culprits he sees in his practice. Her levels were very, very low.

Anyway, he prescribed high levels of medical grade D for one month to get the levels back to normal and it blew us away. Within a few days, a lot of these symptoms just disappeared. I am a 'show me' person, but after years of chronic pain, this was the only thing that had changed in her routine. Other things changed for the better, some way better, when her D levels were brought in line. In fact, when she returned a week later for a checkup and said her legs, shins specifically, were aching. He jumped up and said "great, you're growing." A lot of things simply corrected themselves, not the least of which were this terrible FM symptoms.

Then, her mother was deteriorating with similar symptoms of FM, rheumotoid arthritis, and ended up with a broken neck as a result of an unrelated surgery. It became an emergency situation. She was in very bad shape and the doctors, surgeons were grim about her future. She was so out of it, they felt she may never recover from her emergency neck surgery. My wife was the family lead in facing the doctors and I kept encouraging her to get a Vit D test to find out where her levels were, among other things. She kept pestering the tending doctor but things just drug on until one day almost 3 weeks into what was a bad situation as the mother was not coming out of her surgery, my wife backed the doctor up against the wall and ripped him about not following through with these labs. He offered some mickey mouse response about she was getting these nutrients through her feeding tube and walked out. My wife knew he was BSing just to get out of her sights. He returned 30 minutes later, tail between his legs, and said my wife was right, that he looked into the labs and her mother's Vit D levels was very, very low. They dosed her with the same medical grade D and all I can say is two days later her mother awoke as if from a Rip van Winkle sleep. They were going to admit her to a nursing home because she was for all intents disabled. Instead, several months later, her mother is doing fine, watching grandkids, going for swings in the park, and feels 1000% better.

I have other annectodal stories that are up close and personal about Vit D. Am not saying this is the root causer of everything, but over time after seeing what a correction can do, I've seen some remarkable things, not the least of which are the lessening or eradication of FM type symptoms.

Note that it is really important to learn about Vit D, how it is stored and how it can be diminished from the body, important to get one's levels through blood work, work with a doctor or medical person who "gets" this protocol and why, and be able to monitor these levels. It is not that complicated. And self medicating may be ok as it is hard to overdo Vit D but it is possible, like anything, being able to monitor under supervisied care is a good idea. Sitting out in the sun or chewing over the counter Vitamin D tablets is unlikely going to restore diminished D levels. There are root causes as to why Vit D becomes lowered in a person, and restoring these levels is not necessarily easy. If levels have become low, it is more difficult to get them back to normal, and exposure to the sun, milk or other food sources, or supplements are unlikely to be successful unless understanding how D works and is obtained and retained into the body. I will say that he has her taking between 1600 and 2000 IUs a day (and I am sure I will get slammed for saying this but that's ok), but when she began the protocol, he had her on 50,000 IUs via a single dose (yes, there is such a prescription), once a week, for two months, to get her levels back up.

This has been more like $0.10 worth, but wanted to share this Vitamin D stuff. There is much more to it than just brittle bones. After years of struggling, correcting these levels in my wife, and several other family members, I have seen changes with my own eyes that are most excellent.


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