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We are all Pieces of God Destined to be One with Him
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Published: 12 years ago

We are all Pieces of God Destined to be One with Him

While reading of one enlightened man's experience after Astral Projecting, some truths came to me which I feel are from the Holy Spirit and I'd like to share them for those who may find something valuable out of them.

Some spiritualists will say that we ARE God. This is partly true in a sense. God is, was and has always Been.

Just as Adam gave of his body to God so that Eve could be created, God first gave of Himself so that Adam could be created. He took a part of Himself and placed it in earthly matter --which He then breathed into physical Life. Man was created first "In the spiritual realm, and then manifested in the physical realm.

This is one of God's Laws of Attraction.---- first a thought energy, then it is manifested and breathed into life in the Physical. Be careful of our thoughts. There is much power in thought, more than we realize.

Adam gave of himself so God could form Eve. God has both female and male traits, but He is male, because He first made Adam in His Image. Eve is the second part of God's personality, the female traits that God has were to be reflected in Eve.

Both sexes compliment each other.

Sacrifice is the expression of ultimate Love, and this is how man was created, and how man must be restored--through sacrifice. God sacrificed of Himself to form man, and man (Adam) sacrificed a part of his body so Eve could be formed.

Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself so that man can find the way back to being little god's united to our Source-- the Creator, instead of living a chaotic life seperated from God as we have since Adam and Eve allowed Satan to play with their heads back in Eden. When satan told Eve, "You will be like your own God's" He was only half right. They were currently enjoying that stature until Eve allowed her free will to reconsider things and listen to Satan. Then she and Adam actually lost that Union with God and could no longer say they were God and He was them.

We are, in a sense God and a part of Him, but we are at the present moment independent of Him and need to be restored to the condition where we are united with Him once again and ONE as in former days. The angels are in this condition right now. Once we allow God to restore us back to His original Image, we will once again be One with God and will be God and He will be us, because we will live and move and have our Being in Him--- both male and female sides of God will be expressed through us as channels with His Light shining through us.

After we have reached this condition of spiritual Oneness with God, we will then be channels of God with His Spirit moving through us to restore this planet to it's complete restoration.

"On Earth As in Heaven" was what Jesus prayed back in the day, and what He and all Heaven must pray even now. Restoration must begin in each human's soul before they can then be restored physically. Restoration must be fulfilled in mankind before Earth can then be restored to full Health.


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