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Re: Ozoneman.......looking for some advice.

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Ozoneman.......looking for some advice.

Hi gmoorhouse
first let me say that I am not a doctor and the experience I have is anecdotal at best.
-----1. My wife quit and is not doing very well, so researching I thought about getting
some "now" milk thistle and will do that for about a month or two and then maybe start the oral h2o2. Is that a good idea?------

There is lots of evidence that milk thistle supports and helps to detoxify the liver. IMO this is a good thing to take whether one is ill or not. Same thing with H2O2. If she does H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) therapy, expect die-off and healing crises that can be rather severe.

-----2. Does milk thistle or h2o2 interfere with any meds like synthroid, calcium or anything.------

I do know that Synthriod and calcium should not be taken together. The calcium blocks the synthroid. I have heard from others that H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) enhances the effect of pharmaceutical drugs. Don't know about milk thistle.

-----3. I also read somewhere that if you use h2o2 and also anti oxidants to space them out 6 hours apart?------

Yes. Four to six hours. Take antioxidants preferably with food and oxygen therapy alone. Antioxidants taken with oxygen therapy of any kind will reduce the effectiveness of both.

-------4. Bacterial flora while using h2o2 or after the months of oral treatment?------

It's az good thing to replenish good bacterial flora anytime whether you're doing oxygen therapy or not. I do not feel that oxygen therapy significantly reduces the aerobic bacteria in the system, but it certainly reduces the anaerobic ones you don't want anyway.

-----5. I started the nasal spray of h2o2 and seems to help.
Has doing done the eye drops and to what solution we have the 35% food grade, I am not so sure about the eye drops.-----

Don't put H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) in any strength into the eyes. Use Colloidal Silver instead.

------6. Has anyone had results with h2o2 in vaporizers? I have read also that it must be a cold air vaporizer.----


-----7. Going a little farther does anyone have results with Ozone Generator Air Purifier
(maybe the Enaly Ozone Generator Air Purifier OZX-A500B 500mg/hr) and
Enaly Ozone Generator OZX-300AT 500mg/hr.----

The OZX 500 air unit goes the distance. The precursor to the OZX 300 AT was not the worth the powder to blow it to Hades, so I would doubt the longevity of this water model.

------8. Any inputs on apple cider vinegar from braggs?------

Great alkalizer. Bugs only flourish in an acidic body environment

-----9. Is there any possibilities for non-hodgekins or hodgekins disease?----

I am unable to answer that one.

------10. What does "po" mean? "There was research showing that the use of po H2O2 caused tissue changes in the stomach and esophagus that were pre-cancerous. I never suggest the po route."------

It is Latin for per os meaning by mouth. You can find research to support any conceivable argument-pro or con.

------11, What order and what should we try. She does have swollen but not painful lymphs.------

Clean the sewer systems before doing any cleanses. The elimination systems must be in good working order before beginning to do any major cleanse, or the toxins released will have nowhere to go and you will become much more ill than when you started, especially if you are considering oxygen therapy. Start with the colon by doing colonics or enemas.
The main lymphatic duct is located in the crease of the right shoulder between the ribcage and the top of the arm through to under the right armpit. If there is tenderness, massage it vigorously and deeply for twenty seconds at a time giving breaks of at least five minutes before resuming massage. When properly massaged for long enough, there will be no pain in the area and the lyphatics will have a chance of draining their toxins into the colon.
Hope this helps


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