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Emotions and bromide detox
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Published: 13 years ago
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Emotions and bromide detox

Welcome to the wild world of bromide detox. Hopefully you have read the FAQs about detox, and if not, it would be a good idea to do so. Did you start the salt protocol? When you have bromide detox, it is good to up the times you do the salt loading, as you get rid of twenty times more bromide when you take the salt. And up your magnesium until you get three BMs per day. This stuff is coming out fast and what doesn't get in the toilet retoxes your body. You have to be prepared with the salt protocol and the companion nutrients when you start with a decent dose of iodine.

Here is some info on bromide:


regarding bromism contamination in war and home and salt

During Dr. Peter Spencer's response to questions concerning Gulf War syndrome's linkage to bromism, he stated, "It is noteworthy, I think, that when Europeans go to fight in the desert, Europeans tend to swallow salt tablets every day and Americans don't seem to do this. One wonders whether that might be a factor."


It sounds like you are experiencing bromide detox. As soon as someone mentions emotionality, think bromide. The Department of Defense reported on this after the Gulf War soldiers were given Bromide innoculations. Iodine can be very powerful in detoxing out stored bromINE from the fat cells and discharging it into the bloostream where it becomes bromIDE. This can result in acne, brassy taste, depression, dark thoughts, brain fog, fatigue, mouth sores and many other symptoms.

Using the Salt Loading Protocol is essential if you experience these symptoms. Please look at:

Also, you want to be sure to take the companion nutrients so the Iodine metabolism is more efficient.

You may be able to stay on Iodoral if you do the salt loading protocol every day. Worst case, you can take Iodoral every other day until more bromide is excreted.

Depressed? Tired? These are bromide detox. Salt Load! If you have dark thoughts, feel tired or lethargic or have brain fog, these are symptoms of bromism. The Iodine pushes the bromide into your bloodstream and brain.

Please try the Salt Loading Protocol and use 1/2 teaspoon of salt. See the recipe here:

Also, try skipping a day to give your detox organs a rest.

Pain in knees, legs, hips, even limping = bromide detox

A number of people who formerly described themselves as "going hyper" -- I'm one of them -- subsequently found out that their jumpiness, hot and cold flashes, heart pounding was NOT hyperthyroidism. It was bromide detox.

I held onto the notion for months that I could only take a little Iodoral. When I tried the salt loading protocol, suddenly I could take way more iodine. And we all know salt doesn't cure hyperthyroidism! So it couldn't have reversed my jumpiness. Also, iodine is used to TREAT hyperthyroidism.

For some people, it seems to take a year or more for their body's to adjust. Others slide into iodine therapy with out any bumps.

Welcome to the ride!

BROMISM From Breast Cancer Choices website

The Breast Cancer Choices Iodine Investigation Project is currently following patients taking iodine to prevent recurrence. Some patients report no side effects, some report a range of non-breast related improvements (such as weight loss, improved energy or mental clarity), and others report what we believe to be iodine detoxing bromide into the bloodstream causing symptoms of bromism.

According to the Department of Defense, bromism symptoms can manifest as lethargy, depression, "dark" thoughts, "brain fog," constipation, leg and hip pain, acne, rashes and other symptoms. These side effects are usually reversible in 24-48 hours by discontinuing the iodine and allowing a short period of washout before restarting at a lower dose. Again, as stated above, Celtic salt in water has relieved detox symptoms quickly.

Since bromide excretion seems to be higher in Breast Cancer patients than undiagnosed persons (29), it is important that each patient develop a strategy with her physician to clear the bromide. Ways of eliminating bromide detox symptoms by taking 1/2 teaspoon of Celtic salt in water are currently being used.

Some members of the Amazon discussion group have found the Salt Loading Protocol devised by Dr. William Shevin (and presented at the February '07 Iodine Conference) to be effective in eliminating the side effects such as bromide sedation, acne, brain fog, brassy taste, mouth sores, frontal headache or other symptoms which occur in a small percentage of patients.

Thread started by LNDolls regarding bromide toxicity and detox


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