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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Balance


Let me try to explain a little from my perspective of what is going on. This is, of course, going to be as ML has taught. My usual disclaimer is that this is my interpretation of his teachings and may not be correct.

In a nutshell, were talking all kinds of bad bacteria that is, as we all know, acidic. Over the years of eating an acidic diet, we have very little reserves of minerals to deal with anything and that includes the pH in our mouths.

So little by little these acid creatures infest first your gums then your bones & teeth. Now, what are bones and teeth??? Umm can we say lots of alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium? Do you see how acidic bacteria will, let’s say, leach out the minerals and cause your teeth and surrounding bone to dissolve? I think ML’s old egg in vinegar example fits really well here. Over time the bacteria will dissolve the alkaline minerals until your teeth fall out.

Now let me address some of your comments.

~ Sugar is one small factor in a much larger pH equation. Most “regular” food is going to be acidic and a “normal” life is one of disease and acidity. Further, most options that claim to be healthy are simply not. That is why we are all here; looking for the needle in the haystack that will actually work. Go figure, it so simple that well… ML has a good saying for that too!

~ Brushing and flossing. Assuming that we are not talking about floss that has been laced with poison, toothpaste too for that matter, we are only left with a few options. They are pushing around the bacteria in our mouths by using a brush or floss with nothing, or using alkaline substances to help neutralize the acids doing the damage. Typical material being HP and BS.

So we can brush with HP and BS, use the HP spray throughout the day, and one more thing…

The real cure here is simply to build up a reserve of minerals so that our body becomes and stays for the most part, alkaline. We do this by following the protocol. If we look at acidic bacteria (or any and all dis-ease) as “fire” and an alkaline body as “water” than it should become clear. The bacteria cannot live in an alkaline environment.

So the question now becomes how bad is your damage and what are you willing to change in your life to see results? Your dentist is telling you to floss more? Hmmm what if you had to take all the sand on a beach and put it back into the ocean with a spoon? Do you think you would get far? I think it’s most likely a fair comparison!

ML’s protocol, from top to bottom, with all the little frills on top, used daily for a long period of time can and will stop and very possibly reverse effects of periodontal disease. Do some searches or spend a lot of time going through the old posts and you will uncover bits of ML’s knowledge on the subject, including some funny stories he shared regarding his dentist! Not to mention a few supplements, that when added to the protocol, can help speed recovery of your teeth and gums.

One last word of advise, I found that picking any page in this forum, and just reading the posts more informative that the ole’ website ever was. I know it sounds boring but 75% of my understanding of ML’s teachings came from long nights just reading the old posts!!! There was a LOT of good info in the beginning before all the “issues”


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