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Does deep tissue massage help?
summerhaunt Views: 5,590
Published: 13 years ago

Does deep tissue massage help?

Just wondering if deep tissue massage while on Humaworm might help move the dead critters and toxins better, or if it might dump too many toxins into the bloodstream at once? Would massage "pop" a nest and send critters moving to another location? I've got a few sore and large swollen areas from before I started Humaworm (one in a foot, the other over my ribs over the liver area) that I'm wanting to massage some to see if it helps with the swelling and pain, but am a little concerned if they are nests about causing a worse detox than what I'm getting. I've got LOTS of knotted muscles, so maybe some of those knots are nests? Whether nest or knots or just swollen tissue, I'd like to massage some of the problem areas, but can wait until after I finish my round of Humaworm if it's best to keep things from being worse than they need to be.

First few days were mostly just headaches, extreme tiredness, tingling, and crawling feelings. But today, day 10, I'm getting sore tonsils and sinus drainage.

I did notice the swelling over the ribs yesterday being a bit larger, which is why I'm wondering if it isn't parasite related. I've had pain the last 15 years in the liver/gallbladder area, though the doc says no gallstones (I have done maybe 10 liver flushes over the last 5 years or so, but haven't passed anything significant since the first few, which makes me think flukes must be what's causing the liver/gallbladder pain). Could maybe something from the liver, like a tapeworm, attached to the liver, but then as it grew wrapped itself around the ribs there? The swelling on the ribs has only been there the last two years, and it varies in degrees off and on. The doc thinks it's just musculoskeletal, but if that's the case, I'd think it would have gone away by now. I first notice it after I had a breast reduction surgery two years ago, though this is lower than where they would have been operating. Wondering if maybe the surgery caused something to to migrate a little because of feeling threatened by the surgical "invasion."

The swelling in the foot (bottom in the meaty area below the smaller toes, before you get to the underside of the arch) also started about two years ago, and I definitely do not recall any injury to have caused it.

I do suspect pork tapeworms (crawling feeling on scalp, face, and around eyes, and have had a swollen cornea in one eye the last 3 years which the eye doc says is probably just sinus problems, which I've noticed no symptoms of, and I do notice some floaters in that eye), think I saw a tapeworm segment when I did an enema a couple days ago (a peanut looking thing), saw lots of black poppy seed looking things (haven't eaten anything like that), and years ago when I did my first few liver flushes I did see signs of tapeworm and liver flukes (since I haven't done a parasite cleanse before, I'm sure those are still there), and probably ascaris since I'm getting crawly feelings all over the body. I have been out of the country 3 times (Bahamas, Costa Rica, Thailand). I've a huge list of symptoms the doctors can't find answers to, the worst of which for me is an undiagnosable sleep problem with rousing from sleep every 1.5 minutes with absolutely no slow wave sleep (yes, I've had several sleep studies done), which is why I'm trying the parasite cleanse.

Bowls have been slow since starting Humaworm, but I've been drinking lots of water. I did do a thorough enema cleanse two days ago, just to make sure I wasn't blocked in the colon. I have taken a few epsom salt baths, which at least skin-wise seems to help with detox (my skin seems years younger after the baths). I expect I'll be really sick the next couple days, if the start of the tonsil soreness and the sinus drainage today are any indication, especially since I expect tomorrow and Tuesday night I'll have to put in all-nighters for work so won't have sleep time to recoup. I did spend most of yesterday sleeping, and did get in a long nap today.

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