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Re: The Warrior Diet?
- serafina - Views: 4,329
Published: 15 years ago
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Re: The Warrior Diet?

I could be wrong, but, although the claim is that with the warrior diet the body goes back to balance also in case of overweight, my impression is that it works at best for people that want to gain weight but not body fat (many guys in their 20's have this goal, including my boyfriend).
I tried it anyway for a while and I kind of liked not to have to think of food until evening, but I didn't really like the feeling with the binge at dinnner (the furious and wild attack at the table ah ah!) and then I dropped it, so I still don't know if it would have worked fine. If you try it and have good results please let us know.

About the mess created by restriction of calories on metabolism and psyche, I am absolutely convinced. I don't know where I read it, they made an experiment picking 50 men of various ages but all people psychologically stable and in good shape and they put them in a regime of low calories. Well they all freaked out. They began to get so damn attached to food that they would make scenes to have more, and cheat, and steal it from one another. They also got depressed, and other psychological problems. Then they put them back to normal regime and they all stuffed themselves and got fat for a while, it took 5 months for their metabolism to get better and much more for their head.

I like the concept of intuitive eating, that is eat eactly what you feel like (the healthy version of it even better) and when you feel like, but eat only when you're hungry and until you're satisfied but not too full.
Even better is "fletcherize", that is eat in that way that i described but also slowly, tasting longly the food in the mouth and chewing slowly and many times. No gulping of drinks but sipping.
Whenever i manage to fletcherize not only I lose weight but I also feel incredibly energized and look really good. Unluckily I haven't yet found (in 3 years since i found it out!) the focus to do it consistently, but it is worth it. There is a guy on the net that calls it the Hilller method (but it is Fletcher that invented it) and he claims that he lost 64 pounds in a few weeks (I remember 3 but it could be the wrong number, anyway it was really fast), and also Fletcher lost a lot of weight very fast, not only, at the age of 50 he was able without training to drive a bicycle for 200 miles and arrive not even tired, and lift amazing weights and so on. Fletcher maybe overdid it a little and he died at the age of 70, but the biggest fan of fletcherism was grandpa Rockefeller, and he died at the age of 99. If you search on fletcherism beware that the wikipedia is wrongly very skeptical as if Fletcher was just stupid man, try to download one of his books and try it yourself, don't let the wiki stop you. Let me know if you do it.

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