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Re: Quetion for Mackenzie
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Quetion for Mackenzie

Hi Indianajones!

I had amazing results with Humaworm when I tried it in April 2007, for my skin yeast infection, which I came down with in November 2006. In fact, it totally cured me of candida, and I haven't had a recurrence since. Prior to that, I had been on Difulcan, then Nystatin, then Difulcan, then Nystatin. Although my infection seemed to be getting incrementally better each month, by April 2007, I was probably only one-half cured. My original infection was so bad, though, that I knew that it might take me a very long time to get to the goal line of being candida-free. I was always reminding myself of where I had come from since the beginning to keep myself cheered up as I applied antifungals to all of the yeast lesions on my legs.

One day, however, on the candida forum, someone posted that she had cured herself of candida by using Humaworm every six months, followed by a colon cleanse, followed by a three day vegetable fast. It seemed easy enough to try, so I ordered some. At first I was reluctant to take it, mainly because it was something new, but then, while I was discussing my reluctance on the candida board, a poster who had used Humaworm urged me to get started. He said, "You know you have parasites because you have candida. Candida and parasites go hand-in-hand. You might as well go ahead and take the Humaworm so that you will have dealt with the parasite issue." I'm so glad he urged me to get started, because it worked so well for me, and I was finally doing something different to try to move the ball forward.

My month on Humaworm was not easy, though. I got hives on my throat and torso and a rash on my hands. (The rash on my hands was probably caused by a soap I was trying with tea tree oil in it, though. I'm not sure, but that was back in the day when I was trying all kinds of things to get healed.) When the yeast found out that I was taking the Humaworm, it panicked and fled out of my body through my skin. Now I had bright red lesions all over my legs. I was fairly sure it was a healing crisis, though, and not that it was making my yeast infection worse. I put topical antifungals on my legs so that the yeast would have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Very happily, by the end of the 30-days, the yeast was totally gone on my legs.

Three days after I had gone off of the Humaworm in April 2007, however, a very thin veil of yeast appeared all over my groin area. I thought at the time that either the yeast had been able to survive the Humaworm, or that the Humaworm had killed all of the good bacteria, which had allowed the yeast to reassert itself. Either case, I was concerned that it was a set-back. It wasn't, though. The yeast colonies were so young and unestablished that they were easily killed off with topical antifungals, and I haven't had a problem with candida ever since.

So much has changed in my life since going through this ordeal. When I first came down with the yeast infection in November 2006, I had been taking Effexor for depression for over ten years, and Nasacort and Singular for nasal allergies. After one week on Difulcan, however, my depression totally lifted, and I haven't taken Effexor ever since. I also got off of the Nasacort and Singular. Nasacort is a cortisone treatment that might have been what caused me to get in as much trouble as I did in the first place because cortisone suppresses the immune system. I will never take Nasacort again, or any other immune suppressing drug. These doctors seem to be very nonchalant about drugs that suppress the immune system, and I don't know why. Nasal allergies are nothing compared to the debilitating effect of not having a healthy immune system to fight infections.

In October 2007, after six months had passed, I took my second round of Humaworm.
I've made a commitment to myself to take Humaworm every six-months for the rest of my life to keep the candida level down in my body. I didn't get into trouble with candida overnight, it's a progressive disease. I was tired, depressed and anxious for years, and when my depression was lifted after the one week on Difulcan, I knew that yeast was the problem all along, and had been for years.

My second round of Humaworm was so much easier. In fact, it was mostly a non-event. I did get some red yeast lesions under my arms earlier on, which faded very fast with topical antifungals, so I know that at least some of my original infection was still in my body. One thing I've learned during this ordeal is that yeast and fungus can survive in our bodies for years without our knowing it. In February 2007, while I was on Nystatin, ringworm broke out all over my tummy. I hadn't had ringworm in over 20-years when, at the time, I had a dog, and there was no apparent reason why I would have come down with ringworm 20 years later. The only conclusion I could come to was that the ringworm was somehow able to survive all of these years circulating in my body.

One difference between the first and second time that I took Humaworm, though, was that my skin became very sensitive toward the end. I don't remember that happening the first time. The skin on my legs got very irritated even from just my pant leg rubbing up against it. I also got a red bump on my chest. When it rose up, it was actually shaped like a worm, which I found very interesting. I was concerned enough, though, to have my dermatologist look at it. He did a biopsy on it, and the bump turned out to be benign. Now the bump has subsided and it is fading back to flesh color. Who knows what that was about. I get benign growths on my skin all of the time, though, and have them frozen off. Maybe this was just one of those. The happiest news to report is that after my second round, the thin veil of yeast (or any other manifestation of yeast) did not reoccur after I finished. That was such good news! It looks like there was no more yeast lurking around anymore to re-establish itself after I had finished!

About my diet, well, Indiana, you know me. I've always been the "bad girl" on the candida forum and have gotten chastised for posting articles like this:

I also never gave up drinking as I know I should have. Interestingly, however, ever since I've been candida-free, I've found myself drinking so much less. I think the alcohol the little buggers were excreting might have been why I always enjoyed drinking so much. Now that I don't have to listen to their siren call anymore, or put up with all of their metabolic functions in addition to mine, I'm tending more and more not to want to drink at all. I've also lost my cravings for sweets.

Good luck with your second try, Indiana, and please let us know how it goes! I hope so much you don't have the skin issues the second time around!


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