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Re: Pics of the things coming out of my eyes...can you identify?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Pics of the things coming out of my eyes...can you identify?

Hey Tek! Great questions, and I should have explained better to begin with.

I have never used the Seabreeze in my eyes - the ER Doc thought I was going to pour it in my eyes, too! You may know from other postings starting in Sept I had skin hatchings which later identified an unusual critter called a Chalcid Wasp - which turns out to be a parasitoid of parasites. I was always feeling like I was being stung from the inside of my body somehow. And, particularly on my face - forehead, scalp, ears, eyelids, I was feeling crawling movement along with the body stings. When I was little and kids would get lice or something at school my Mom used to dowse us with Seabreeze - at the time I thought she was nuts. Now looking at the ingredients, maybe she knew a thing or two. So, one thing I tried was to use a papertowel with some Seabreeze on my cheeks, forehead, outside of my ears and the I usually just put some in my hands and rub it in my hair and scalp.

An interesting - or not - thing happened over several months. Everytime I did that, the stinging (from the inside) stopped, and, I always got black things resembling the Chalcid Wasps - which require a microscope to actually confirm, they are that small - after wiping my face. I could also have this same result when I wiped other areas of my body with similar sensations. I did use some Sea Buckthorn soap and supplements and that helped alot with the sensations - and also, maybe there was the end of one cycle and now the start of another - or I was so out of my mind with the brain toxicity that I didn't notice this other stuff. (That's a whole other subject.) But, this is happening in cycles of about 5 weeks I think.

Anyway, the ones I have seen and tried to take out without success before were definitely alive. some of them seemed to morph back into my fingers. I don't even know if this is possible, but it's how it seemed to me.

The last several days, I'm not entirely sure what's caused migration and so on, but, when I realized I was starting to feel the symptoms again - movement in my sinus area, movement under my eyelid, swelling in my cheek, blurring in my eye and eye pain, AND, last Friday, when I looked in the mirror and out of the blue (I had thought this part of the parasite stuff was over foolishly) I saw hanging out over the colored part of my eye - so it stood out visibly - a clearish gel like worm thing - kind of like a tiny slug- sort of pointed at each end, but not very long. I tried to pull it out, and squished it. THat's when I started gameplanning to get the next one/ones that came. So, I bought latex gloves, baby food jars (to sterilize), saline - a mistake as it turned out, and then I assembled some things around the house like the Seabreeze and neosporin and toothpicks... and waited.

When the feelings reappeared two days ago now I guess, I had a talk with myself and decided the only way to figure out what is really going on in my body is to get one of these stupid things for evaluation. So, I had to be brave and not freak out - which I've done before with them in my eye.

I took some neosporin and put it on my upper cheek/sinus area. I did this because this is what initally caused one to come out of my eye and sent me to the ER a month or so ago. And, it was a good calculated risk. I immediately felt movement in my cheek/sinus and then (after I put on the gloves, etc) I started watching my eye. It took a few minutes, but sure enough, there was the sudden sensation of something in my eyelid area, and it looked like my eye was filled with water, and the light reflection from the mirror light was changing against my eye even when I wasn't moving. So, I told myself I was smarter than it was, and I carefully took my gloved finger and gently took the tip and moved my eyelid a little and swiped my finger from one side to the other - slow enough not to break apart what was coming out. And, when I looked at the gloved finger, I couldn't believe that what was there was 2 inches long!!! very skinny but long. ANd, it did move on the glove. I put this first one in the saline ... and it started to dissolve or something. I was really bummed. And

then a while later - couple hours - I started to feel that same thing - and I didn't even put more neosporin on my face. So, same process (new gloves, obviously). This time I used the Seabreeze and ran it over the finger tip over the glove hoping the thing would just be pushed into the jar. no luck. I carefully used a toothpick to loosen it, then put my gloved finger into the jar and it let go into the jar. How it looked on my finger, and how it looks on the seabreeze - a couple look similar, a couple look more swollen and shorter. I'm not sure I understand why. Also, it's interesting to see which are more white, light blue and darker blue. That may be a function of time in a colored fluid. Who knows.

This same thing kept going all afternoon and evening. Today I've been careful NOT to touch my eye - I was concerned about even gently using the glove and maybe scratching something... I've increased my salt intake again and have had more crusty pieces coming out. I see the eye doctor in the morning.

By the way, the only new thing this week at all is that I tried adding Goji into my diet. I started taking a Goji tincture. I know it helps your blood cells get healthier. I never read any connection that it may help with parasites. I think I'll search and see if anyone else mentions something.

I wish I had a better camera. Oh, well, Thanks alot! Katherine

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