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The economy, by MH
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Published: 14 years ago

The economy, by MH

It seems like our future economy in the usa is on allot of people's minds. For the last 5 years I have been hearing the government plans on dropping the usa to its knees and ever since, many people believe we are heading for the largest depression in usa history.

Yet, those with $$$$ seem to have more and more and those with out $$$, just don't and won't have any.

I was fasinated to see that the number I job available is the BUTLER. Schools to turn men into butlers are becoming popular and the rich will pay up to over $100,000.00 per year to have a man become their loyal slave for life.

So in fact, those who slaughtered the American Indians and established their pope religion/government has now came full circle and created the slave system that supposedly the religious freedom fighters had fled Europe/Pope. I guess religious freedom never really had a chance since the new testament was created by the pope 2,000 years ago, you either confirm or you feel the results of the IRON STAKE and being burnt alive by the church or in modern times, we just call it death by chemicals/radio waves.

I notice two things:
Every town is getting new hospitals.
Every town is getting new Wal-Marts.

Churches are not growing as fast as they use to, I think the bank and Wal-Mart is taking the extra $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and the churches are being phased out slowly.

Those with $$$ go to Wal-Mart and all her sister chinese stores such as kroger/lowes/home depot/etc., etc.Wal-Mart controls all the stores in her given area. The independant stores and gas stations are a thing of the past. She (china) now owns them all, if they are large enough to attract the masses.

No body plays, unless they are a member of the club.

So the question remains, will she allow her country to crumble? I doubt it. She has all these new buildings and the people under control. The only thing needed is to kill all those who don't play the game well and that is what all these new hospitals are for; to harvest the organs of those being turned to dust in the human cookie sheet factories.

The government won't cull the herd faster than it can eliminate the carcusses. The south americans will be rushed in to replace the masses as yard and house hold keepers for the rich and they will die by age 40 as planned. These $100,000,00 a year paid butlers will be white people willing to run the rich man's household telling the mexicans what to do and how to do it.

Classic examples are all over Florida right now. The rich make the prices way too high in their area, so NO BLACKS or SNOW BIRDS from the North will come visit or try to live near them. You see trucks with Mexican workers loaded with rakes and shovels running the side streets to maintain the yards of the super rich.

Now just what is super rich?
FAKE MASON MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT IS ALL FAKE..............................................................

THIER MONEY IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these worthless people have NOTHING!!!!!!!!! Their paper is a mason joke when it gets down to the facts.

PEOPLE ARE WEALTH, the poorest of people willing to work are WEALTH and nothing else!

The person that can't/won't work are the poor ones. Strip the rich people of their paper/electronic $$ and they are worthless, too soft to grow their own food and defend their own homes.

If the poor say give me some food for my work, that I DON'T WANT you paper mason $$$, these rich people would be so poor so fast they would be beggers in the gutters.

PAPER MASON MONEY is the way the pope enslaved the human race. ALL ARMIES would dissolve over night ands the boys return home if they refused to murder for MASON $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. What general could survive to see daylight if he didn't have his mason paid armies to protect him?

NO HUMAN is any better than another, the differance between the pope and the slave is nothing more than paper $$$$$$$$$$$$$ that has tricked the fools into killing each other over something that is 100% worthless, because you can't eat mason money!

The rich people would be begging the farmers the day the slavess say I don't want your paper money!

How does the system keep going?
PUBLIC SCHOOLS, with out public schools, this crap could have never been pulled off, we would not be willing to jump hoops like a circus animal for a dollar bill.

To gain control, the masons figured they had better take over the farm lands, so today, the farms are controlled by corporations, but guess what, the day all the workers say give me food and not your worthless paper money, then that is the day the entire system stops.

BUT, schools have made us all enemies of each other. NO ONE will help his neighbor, everyone is a predator wishing to own as much mason $$$$$$$$$$$$ as they can get.

So the educated colleges have won the battle, they separated the slaves.

BUT, the day God shakes this world up, is the day the only thing valuable is FOOD and GUNS. Many mason countries have stolen all the guns, but they will never control all the food, because it takes hand labor to grow foods. It takes slaves to work the fields and the day God shakes the world, there will be no slaves, we will all be the same that day and the only thing on our mind will be FOOD and not worthless mason $$$.

So the smart person has a piece of ground, a family and enough guns and ammo for all. The pope would call such familys the enemy of the state. All independant people are the ENEMY of all governments.

Slavery depends upon keeping people STUPID, so vaccines/drugs/poisons must be used and used allot, or someday the slave will become wise and not work for the rich person.

We live in a system that is explosive, it must fail eventually. It is against Nature and Nature will always destroy the bad.

The rich know they must keep the populations down, because if they become too many in number, they can be an army that can't be stopped. With the chem trail jets, they feel secure, with the harrp systems they feel secure, with the locals willing to poison the water supplies, they feel secure. The rich are never secure, they always fear the slaves will wise up to their mason money system and just stop working for others and start working for them selves.

This is why this world has been at war for 2,000 years and is a true sign of the end times for the human race. The rocks will make a clean slate for the next class of students and see what they can do in their 30,000 years of life on earth.



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