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6 years and counting seems pretty safe
Karlin Views: 1,199
Published: 15 years ago

6 years and counting seems pretty safe

No attacks on America's mainland in 6 years since 9/11?? Is there REALLY a threat?

I saw a news story about airline security, and how the FBI or NTSB or whatever test the airlines' security by trying to sneak various weapons and so on past the scanners as you get onto a plane.

They got MOST of the stuff past, were hardly even "caught".

So that means that NO, the reason for no attacks since 9/11 IS NOT that "Homeland Security" is just doing such a good job that no terrorist could possibly do a successfull attack. They "outed" themselves here!!!

There simply is not much of a threat. The War on Terror has nothing to do with "keeping America Safe", the vast amount of money spent on keeping America safe is wasted in Iraq ; they could have used that money to actually HELP Americans after New Orleans or other problems ; that money could have saved many lives if it was put into health care ; that money could have saved millions of Africans with AIDS or dying of starvation ; that money could at least be used to fix up the roads and that would save lives....

But nooooooo, it has to be used for making WAR. Iraq was safer under Saddam, and women were allowed to become professionals, and not nearly as many innocent civilians died under Saddam as in this bogus War.

Also, the War on Terror is "being fought over there so it doesn't have to be fought over here" [in America].... What is that - cowardice?

And then the recruiters tell young men and women about the glory of the US army, and then they come home and become HOMELESS people. Estimate of about 1000 newly homeless are Veterans of the war in Iraq. 1000? Can that even be true? Is there even that many?
From previous wars, the total number of homeless veterans is... get ready....
" the VA estimates that nearly 200,000 veterans are homeless on any given night"

200,000!!!!!!!!! Is that respect? R.E.S.P.E.C.T???

Its all a big lie, from 9/11 to the night your brother died on the streets....


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