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Re: Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Mercury Amalgams
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Mercury Amalgams

I agree that mercury fillings create havoc in the body = you wont get any argument from me over that.

I just had my last two metal fillings removed yesterday- and I finally no longer taste that gum wrapper metallic taste in my mouth when I salivate.

In fact, when I was a kid, i used to chew on tinfoil and get little shocks in my mouth from them rubbing against the fillings.

I got my first two metal fillings when I was 12 years old. With every dental checkup, I had more and more cavities- so they ended up giving me 8 metal fillings. That was the year I needed eyeglasses (near-sighted) even nearsightedness is not genetic in my family.

That was also the year I suffered this strange Depression all the time, became withdrawn, and started stuttering. I would get anxiety attacks alot too.

In my teens, I would wake up with the sheets drenched in sweat. I would suffer that 'sleep paralyis' almost nightly. It was horrible.

Gingivitis set in my gums- even though I religiously flossed every night- and brushed twice a day. My dental hygenist was alarmed that at 25 years old , my teeth were loose in my gums.

After getting the first two fillings replaced this Spring, the gums on that side healed magically. No longer bleeding., I also no longer suffered anxiety symptoms and felt more peaceful inside.

The following month I got two more replaced. The whites of my eyes were whiter than ever, and i noticed that all my teeth were whiter as well- as though I were using Crest White Strips!

The next month with two more fillings replaced, I no longer felt that familiar "heart beat pulse" in my eardrums. No more throbbing in the ear, and the earwax was less and less. I also noticed that I no longer experienced numbing in my arms when I woke up- The blood flow didnt get cut off when I slept.

Now I am waiting to see what else good will happen after they are finally out.

I am slowly chelating out remaining mercury in my body starting today-- as they are all out now.

Dentists believe that if the mercury is solid, it poses no harm. Because they cant see the mercury vapor with the visible eye (only through black light) they think it's all trumped up hysteria.

The metal fillings vaporize all the time, but they vaporize even more if you drink hot drinks, chew on very crunchy foods, get your teeth cleaned, brush your teeth, or eat citrus or acidic foods.

The ADA doesnt exactly make it easy for dentists to see the truth.-- though more and more dentists, im reading, are having thier suspicions now ever since Hal Huggin's came out with his research.

My dentist doesnt believe that mercury in them (50%) affects a person, but he still doesnt order silver Amalgam in his office, as he hates how they look, and that they cause fractures in the molars., leading to more needless work for him down the road.


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