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MIRENA : LADIES!!! THE REAL FACTS!!! Stop questioning your own body and sanity ! READ THIS! I promise something in here will help you!
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Published: 16 years ago

MIRENA : LADIES!!! THE REAL FACTS!!! Stop questioning your own body and sanity ! READ THIS! I promise something in here will help you!

I have posted my experience with having MIRENA and it wasn't good at all. It certainly would have helped if I had the REAL FACTS! So women whom are looking at these post considering getting MIRENA, Than PLEASE READ THIS! Because it isn't listed in the little MIRENA side effects pamphlet that your doctors think they are so educated on!

The side effects listed above may not include all of the side effects reported by the drug's manufacturer.


Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with this medicine. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect.

* Change in menstrual bleeding, such as frequent, prolonged or heavy bleeding, spotting, lighter bleeding, irregular bleeding or stopping of bleeding

* Development of fluid filled sacks (cysts) in the ovaries

* Excessive fluid retention in the body tissues, resulting in swelling (Oedema)

* Weight gain

* Headache

* Depression

* Nervousness

* Mood swings

* Nausea

* Lower abdominal pain

* Back pain

* Breast pain

* Painful menstrual bleeding

* Acne

* Vaginal discharge

* Inflammation of the cervix

* Hair loss or hair growth

* Skin reactions such as rash or itching

* Genital infections, including pelvic inflammatory disease

* Decreased sex drive

* Migraine

* Abdominal bloating


* A gynaecological examination should be performed before insertion of this IUS. This will include a breast exam and the doctor will also check to find the position and size of your womb, that you are not pregnant and that you have no infections or sexually transmitted diseases. Further examinations should be performed six weeks after insertion and then yearly (or more frequently if clinically needed).

* If you have any heart valve defects, you may be given Antibiotics when the IUS is inserted or removed, in order to prevent inflammation of the heart valves and sac surrounding the heart (endocarditis).

* The insertion and removal of the IUS can be a little painful and you may want to take a painkiller such as paracetamol beforehand. It can also cause bleeding. If you get severe pain, or if any bleeding continues, you should let your doctor know, because the IUS might have penetrated the wall of the womb (Ďperforationí).

* An IUS may be expelled from the uterus without the woman noticing it, although an increase in menstrual bleeding or pain may warn you of this. The effectiveness of the IUS is lost if it is expelled, and is also decreased if it is partially expelled. You should be shown how to check the removal threads on your IUS when it is inserted, to make sure it is still in place. Consult your doctor if you cannot find the threads.

* You may experience irregular bleeding or spotting in the first few months after Mirena is inserted. After this your periods will usually settle down and become shorter and lighter, or may stop alltogether. If you don't have a period within six weeks of your previous period, you should consult your doctor, to ensure that the IUS has not been expelled and you are not pregnant. However, it may simply be that the IUS is causing your periods to stop.

* If you experience lower abdominal pain, particularly in combination with missed periods, or a recurrence of menstrual bleeding if your periods had stopped, you should consult your doctor.

* The IUS should be removed if you experience recurrent pelvic infection or inflammation of the womb lining (endometritis), or if an infection does not respond to treatment within a few days.

* If pregnancy does occur while the IUS is in place, the IUS should be removed. There may be an increased risk of miscarriage or premature labour if the pregnancy then continues.

* You should inform your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms while you have the Mirena coil fitted: migraine or severe headaches; stabbing pains and/or unusual swelling in one leg; pain on breathing or coughing; sudden breathlessness; sudden severe chest pain; sudden weakness or numbness affecting one side or part of the body; increase in blood pressure; yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice); severe abdominal complaints; severe depression; or if you become pregnant



It seems the guidelines for the U.S aren't near as strict for passing the FDA!
BOTH links provided are the REAL FACTS!

P.S- If you are STILL thinking about getting an IUD! PLEASE read others experiences and you will see that this is a horrid contraption that should have NEVER passed FDA!



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