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Getting healthy versus "curing" disease
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Published: 14 years ago
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Getting healthy versus "curing" disease

Getting Healthy versus Curing Disease

I’ve been asked by one of the survivors of liver cancer to further elaborate on the concept of getting Healthy as opposed to “Curing” disease. So I will attempt to do so here.

In my book “It’s Not Illegal to get Healthy” I go into what I call “Catch 22”. Catch 22 was a movie back in the 70’s about the war in Europe back in WW II. The main character feigned insanity to get out of the war. The catch is; it’s normal to not want to be in a war so you can’t get out. “Catch 22”, you can’t claim insanity to get out of the insanity. Didn’t work for the guy.

The same applies to what is happening in this country with the suppression of Natural Healing.

Those of us that teach it put our life on the line and risk going to prison for so-called practicing medicine without a license. The absurdity of that will become obvious as we go.

Legally its not possible to cure disease by treating that disease with any other method than what is currently accepted by the Medical Board of the state. Any treatment regime for any disease has to be sanctioned by the State Board of medical examiners. To “cure” any disease you MUST do it via medical procedures. The medical professionals are the only people allowed to “cure” diseases legally. All others who do so will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for practicing medicine without a license. And they are very serious about this too.

So the first question has to be: Are they curing any diseases? Is the medical profession, with all their money and high-powered treatment regimes curing any diseases? Of course the sad truth to that is; No, they’re not. Medical treatments for diseases don’t “cure” the disease.

Those of us in Natural Healing see diseases disappear just about everyday. Why? What are we doing that causes the so-called “cure”?

Well, the first understanding is: We are NOT treating the disease. Look at this real close, it goes all the way back to Egyptian times. All the great healers of the past, all the great healers of the present. A few of which are on these forums. All of them are NOT treating the disease. If you treat the disease you will NOT heal it. It will NOT go away.

So how do we do it? How do we in Natural Healing eliminate diseases if we don’t treat it? Simple, we treat the CAUSE of the disease. It is literally and technically impossible to cure a disease by treating that disease. You must find what is causing the disease and treat that. So, so simple most people miss it entirely.

Dr Clarks monumental breakthrough book “The Cure for all Cancer” should have been titled “How to eliminate the Cause of Cancer”. She wouldn’t have gotten into all the trouble for “curing” cancer then. And if you really look at what she’s talking about she really ISN’T treating the cancer. She’s eliminating parasites and chemical detoxing. She doesn’t go near treating the cancer. She’s treating the CAUSE of cancer. That book saved my life too by the way. Thank you Dr. Clark.

Thus, if you treat the disease you will NOT cure it. If you treat the cause of the disease it will go away. Your health will return. Thus the only cure for disease is to get more health. Don’t even look at the disease. It had a cause – treat that.

Lack of health has four basic reasons. I call them the four fundamentals of the Natural Healing paradigm. I first wrote them up in my book “It’s Not Illegal” and have since put it to CD – “The Natural Healing Paradigm”.

Although the principles are simple the road I traveled to discover them was very convoluted, very tricky, slippery and real messy. Plus it took a rather long time to test these principles on myself and then others to ascertain their truth. They were found not wanting – they work.

It literally comes down to acquisition of health, NOT treating the disease. Treating the disease is a dead end and will never work. Thus, to expect a cure from treating the disease is absurdity at its finest. The only “cures” there are now, or have ever been, is the acquisition of health. Health cures diseases - nothing else.

Catch 22. It’s illegal to cure disease with any other method other that the methods approved by the Medical Boards. Is the acquisition of health treating disease? No, no, no. You acquire health by applying the fundamentals that govern health. You simply return the body to “normal”. Normal being the God given right and ability to be healthy. Shouldn’t have to even think about it. I could go there to but that also is a long story.

So we get arrested for practicing medicine because the disease went away but in reality we didn’t even treat the disease. We just straightened them out, cleaned them out, debugged them, and fed them correctly. The health derived from those things eliminated the disease. Health cures disease. There is NO other way to eliminate diseases than the Natural way – period. The Natural way returns your anatomy and physiology to normal.

It’s interesting. Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s Physiology are the two main books that every doctor in the world studies out of. How a body normally works is covered in great detail in those two books. So it’s not like this information is mysteriously hidden from the medical community. I can guarantee you they know exactly what’s going on with all these so-called mysterious diseases. If you haven’t noticed the rich men of the world, the “elite”, all live very long lives, they all get quite old before they die. They don’t partake of the society they build for us.

The treatment of diseases is an outright con. It doesn’t work and never has worked. The ONLY way to get your health back is to get more health. Sounds ridicules but it is a FACT.

So, you don’t concentrate on fighting the dastardly disease you concentrate on getting your health back. The only problem is it takes some time to straighten out, clean out, and learn what your body needs dietarily, then the rebuilding process itself takes some time. And people have been taught from a very young age to expect immediate relief, immediate results. Sorry, that doesn’t happen in Natural Healing and IS its biggest drawback.

The way I explain chiropractic. I go over to the wall and shut off the overhead light. Look at that light up there, its not working. Its sick, it won’t work properly. Does it need an operation? Maybe some chemicals? The light bulb is sick it won’t work properly WHY?
Then I go turn the switch back on. Of course the switch is the pinched nerve in the spine and the light bulb is the pain down the leg or wherever. It’s that simple but people are very befuddled by it and it takes some time to “get it”. Which is a sad commentary on how far south people have gone. Don’t worry about it; it’s not your fault.

The conclusion HAS to be that it’s impossible to cure a disease if you treat the disease. You HAVE to treat the cause of the disease, which is always a loss of one or more of the fundamentals that govern health.

I already know what your questions are going to be but this is getting rather lengthy so I’ll answer those questions as they arise.

If you treat the disease you will NOT cure it. Getting healthy by the application of the fundamentals that govern health will eliminate the disease. You’ll simply return to “normal”.

So stop thinking of fighting this nasty disease and put you mind on getting healthy. Applying the specific protocols necessary to reestablish normal anatomy and physiology.
THEN the disease will become no more.

Health cures disease, nothing else will work.

Doc Sutter.

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