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Betaine HCL has turned me around

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Published: 11 years ago

Betaine HCL has turned me around

I have been experimenting with diet all my earlier life to gain muscle mass, from the age of 15 - 21. Milk was the only thing that would put weight on me, but the problem is I'd always suffer the side affects of milk like bloating, viral infections, lethargy and acne. I did body building from the age of 15 and no matter how slow I trained and how much I ate, and i ate a lot I never gained any fat. I did put muscle on but i was so thin, that i looked ripped. I could never bulk up.

Then at 25, when I had my fillings drilled out I had mercury released into my body and that caused some severe stomach pains, of which my tummy never fully recovered. Im 31 now and during the last 6 years Ive begun deteoriating in my health, losing more weight, getting chronic fatigue/severe tiredness, depression, inability to sleep for long and abdominal cramping. I've experimented with many diets, cleanses and had many tests. I know I have mercury and lead poisoning which tests have revealed.

I always used to think bigger people generally had more stomach acid because they would tend to suffer more from acid reflux and over acidic stomach, where as thin people would suffer low more IBS and intestinal bloating and pain as a result of low stomach acid. It makes sense when you consider, throughout the whole of a persons life no matter what they do they will always remain a certain body frame - endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph.

During the last week I started using a supplement - Betain HCL to see if it would help me absorb more calories from food. Its early days yet so its going to take a while before I can see any noticable weight change, but already I HAVE ENERGY. I HAVE NO ABDOMINAL CRAMPS and I HAVE NO DEPRESSION, I FEEL GREAT. This morning I got up to do some pressups, of which I haven't done in almost a year.

I advise to experiment with caution, if anyones going to try it, and only take 1 capsule 500mg per plate of meal. See if theres any burning sensation. Try it again with your next meal. On the 2nd day try 2 capsules with a plate of food and if there is still no burning sensation in the stomach then this is a sign you are severely low in stomach acid. Continue to increase the dosage 1 at a time.

Eventually, when the body is absorbing enough nutrients it should make more of its own stomach acid, so when you notice a burning sensation with the capsules, just drop 1 capsule until you reach no burning sensation and maintain that until each time dropping them until you don't need them anymore. I have read that it can take approximately a month for this to happen.

well good luck.

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