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Re: Clues to why the VWT team wanted the Iodine Supplementation Forum
Molly Bloom Views: 2,967
Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Clues to why the VWT team wanted the Iodine Supplementation Forum

I am constantly amazed at the nonsense thrown at the VWT forum. I have resisted getting involved here, but at this latest post I must say something.

I know Wombat and Trapper personally. I will attest that there is nothing "fishy" about what they are doing. They are dedicated to "Iodine Supplementation" pure and simple, and have posted reams of information for people to read and study. The hard work put into compiling that information has taken hours and hours of time, with one thing in mind, to help people wrap their arms around this specific kind of therapy. They are altruistic.

I have known Trapper for about two years and have witnessed him take a personal approach to many people who were looking for help. He has happily sent me tons of information on protocols, helped me with some of my fears, taken the time to help me get into this thing called alternative health. His style of posting used to be very brash, but he has mellowed quite a bit. It's just his style. I wish we could all be very flowery, saying awwww all the time, but some are more direct, and that is who they are.

I trust Wombat. She is a real person with no hidden agenda than to help women with FBD. She is trying to cure her own FBD and has suffered personal losses of people she loved.

Their forum is all about this one form of supplementation. They are still learning, as we all are. If you do not believe in that form of supplementation, then for peets sake, go to the other forum. Since the beginning, it's the message they have been trying to deliver...this is what we are about, if you don't like it go to the other forum. Why in the world people are attacking them is beyond me. If I were to go onto any of the other owned forums and start posting something contrary to what was being espoused, I'd be banned also.

They have had a very hard job trying to keep the forum on track and keep the negativity out. But for some reason people are just drawn to it like a magnet. Why? If you don't like Iodine Supplementation in the genre in which they are espousing, then by all means come to the debate forum.

But these personal attacks against people I consider my friends is completely uncalled for. It makes me feel defensive and quite frankly angry. Perhaps my feeling are no consequence to any of you, but if I didn't say anything, then I would not be a very good friend. And Grzbear, you know we all used to be quite friendly. I have no idea why you are partcipating in all of this negativity. I know you don't agree, but there is no reason to continue supporting the people that are attacking you friend Trapper. You two used to have a constant love fest going you had a disagreement over a protocol. Please don't support these threads anymore.

I occassionally post on their forum, but I am by no means part of the supposed "click" that people are referring to. I also like to go off topic a lot because I think that a lack of humor can be damaging to the health. We are talking about very serious topics here at curezone, and you need to temper this with some fun at times.

When we first started the Oil Pulling forum we posted a lot of silly stuff. Some people have a fantastic sense of humor. Everyone was very easy and forgiving on that forum, and people that didn't care to read it didn't, but no one ever started ranting and raving about it. Maybe it was because OP is just such an easy subject, not too complicated.

And Prism, you keep talking about a post 4 years ago and keep trying to tie it into now. And you keep saying that you keep copies of all your posts, and that they have been altered. But everytime you are challenged to produce these so called saved posts, and how they were altered you have yet to post this. I know for a fact that neither Trapper nor Wombat would go into someone's post and change it. I doubt very seriously Vulcanel would do that either. He may change his own, but changing yours? They might move it, but not change it. I have no idea why you are making these horrible allegations and it makes me somewhat question your agenda, or lucidity.

I really did not want to post on this debate, but I felt I must. This must stop and it's time to act like adults. I support my friends and I know they truly mean no harm.



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