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Prism, I pretty much disagree...Re: Clues to why the VWT team wanted the Iodine Supplementation Forum
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Published: 14 years ago
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Prism, I pretty much disagree...Re: Clues to why the VWT team wanted the Iodine Supplementation Forum


I think I've read most all of your recent posts (both in VWT & here & Webmaster), and I think you've made some pretty harsh accusations here, although I can see why you might have come to your conclusions.

First, VWT weren't always the "owners" of that forum. The forum started as the Iodine Debate Forum, and after a time was changed to the Iodine Support forum - a typical forum governed by the Curezone Terms of Service (hence CZ moderators & rules). V, W, & T were incredibly active members/posters on the original debate forum (as were several other 'core' Curezone posters). The forum & information offered is & was *HOT* in many regards - the personalities & knowledge of all the core posters were strong, and everybody was/is extremely excited about the recent & past research we were all discovering daily (I saw "we" because for a long time I added just as many posts & as much enthusiasm as any other forum member). The Iodine Supplementation forum was quickly breaking CZ records for hits (and a lot of people were experiencing a LOT of good things..and still are).

But strong personalities & intensely important subject matter, a troll here & there (and the horrible Curezone Crash, which destroyed virtually everything everyone had posted for a LONG time)...well, things started getting tense & strained. If you weren't here, you'll never have any idea how hard and how many hours we sacrified trying to rebuild the forum archives. And how dedicated the posters were to making sure than people didn't 'jump into it' without doing the necessary research. The 'line of the hour' for months on end to newbies was: "Do the research, read through the information that has taken SO much effort to compile - listen to the audios - this is something you NEED to learn about before doing." Nobody ever made dosage recommedations and the core posters were & are very sincere about teaching & assisting people to LEARN about iodine supplementation BEFORE starting.

And I know I have NEVER doubted the truly good intent of Wombat, Vulcanel or Trapper as it applies to supporting, educating, & spreading the good word about the benefits & necessity of Iodine Supplementation. (And that should count for more than those words coming from just about anybody else - I no longer have posting priviledges on the VWT, we've had some seriously rough communications, and I am one of their harshest critics as forum owners).

Somewhere along the line, things happened that some of know a bit about, others know a LOT about, and others like yourself, know very little. After a series of posts that some considered "mis-moderated" (i.e. unfairly removed or censored by Curezone moderators), and constant arguements about what was "off topic" and what should be allowed to be posted and why, the posters of V, W, & T just *poof* disappeared for a few days, and when they reappeared, the forum had been changed to private forum with them as owners. They explained they took over the forum and made it private because of the unfair moderation and having moderators that were unfamiliar with iodine supplementation deciding what was 'on topic' or 'off topic' (and possibly others reasons that I can't remember). What we all remember MOST was how enraged they were before the *poofed* about the unfair moderation, and how they swore & pledged that they would NEVER unfairly censor posts or ban others.

So, how did that happen? Why weren't other posters on the public forum asked if they WANTED the forum to be private, or if they thought the forum should be private? I've never heard an explanation for that, but it's basically inconsequential to your allegations.

Twas then that the frustration & major debates started in earnest. V doesn't "like" nascent iodine, VWT doesn't consider food/plant based iodines "enough" to be therapeutic (I once felt the same myself), they love to socialize, they enjoy each other, they put a LOT of time into the forum...but as they say, "absolute power corrupts absolutely", and those who once complained about unfair moderation and the censorship of what THEY thought was valid information or worthy posts, now started censoring & banning other posters in the very way that they swore they would never do (and were enraged that happened to them).

If you'd been around, you'd know why jcrows was banned. VWT initially made allowances for him to post his Lugol's advertisements on the forum, but he was never 'on board' with the newer allopathic physician dosages & protocols (and many times was posted actively against it). Jeff also either intentionally mislead (or misinterpreted) the new DEA regulations substantially to his financial favor.

I can't imagine who would have edited your original post, but as I understand it, VWT does NOT have moderation priviledges on that forum, so it would be impossible for them to edit your post (and why in the WORLD would ANYONE want to go back to a post you'd made 4 years ago and edit it?? No one would EVER see it, it's virtually 'buried forever' as far as forum posting goes).

Prism, I understand (like I said) why you could have jumped to your conclusions, but a "jump" I honestly believe it is/was. The "giving away of iodine" (as well as dosing people without their knowledge) has always been a "iffy" issue on that forum (as well it should be), and I didn't think the responses to your posts about that were out of character, out of line or indicative of any kind of 'fishyness'.

And Wombat has more of right to be >>clearly very upset about all the hours of hard work they put into that forum<< than ANY CUREZONE POSTER I'VE EVER MET! That woman has held that forum together, uncoverd & posted more information, did more "menial labor" and secretarial/organizational bs than either of her cohorts. Iodine has changed her life and removed the pain of FBD and the threat of breast cancer. And although I may not agree with some of her "moderator/owner behavior", that does not change the fact that she has devoted immense amounts of time & effort over the months to a cause she is completely devoted to...and that deserves ALL of our respect (rather we agree with her techincal decisions or personality or not).

I can't imagine why you would ask people to save their Wilson's Iodine bottles, and quite honestly, I think the VWT Team has every right to take offense to whatever you're suggesting or suspecting. I read quite a few of the posts about Wilson's Iodine, and I saw absolutely nothing illegal, suspicious or unethical about it.

Those of us that have bad experiences with VWT understand your frustration & confusion, but it's my very strong opinions that your accusations are out of line.



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