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Re: IF Hair falout, please report (+ typo edits)

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: IF Hair falout, please report (+ typo edits)

(note: I am aware that I owe many people responses to other posts; I am doing my best to catch up 'on life', emails and CZ posts. Please accept my apology for responding to this one 'out of order'. Uny)


I think you're referring to me, you can check my past posts to confirm (and learn more about what I experienced).

Yes, I had a bad experience with Lugol's supplementation (from which I'm still recovering), but I'm NOT sour on iodine. If one can call it 'sour', then I'd be 'sour' because those in charge of the VWT forum did not allow my posts to be fairly considered by others, they insisted my symptoms were from a variety of other things, and they accused me of being somehow negative and 'against' them personally. When I continued to attempt to urge caution and more learning before continuing to elucidate only the benefits of Iodine supplementation without the possibility of harm, I experienced the same as MANY posters have on their forum: wrongful accusations, threats of post deletion, posts deleted, and various other negative actions having nothing to do with Iodine (no matter HOW hard I tried to keep the posts & threads on the subject of iodine). Sadly, if it were any other forum on Curezone, I'd tell you that you could go back to my posts/threads and see/read the truth - but many of them have totally disappeared or theirs have been altered in a way which make my posts seem totally different than their original intent. Quite honestly, I haven't checked the content of my own posts (to see if they've been altered). I can't image how I'd handle if if I found my words changed or deleted and left to read as my own. However, I am aware of at least one instance where one of the VWT deleted a partial post of someone, banned them, and refused to restore the post to it's entirety as it was originally written.

I, like prism indicated, am very active in assiting others on their journey to health, both in person, via email and other internet forums. When the abuse became publicly slanderous (hence harmful to myself and possibly causing doubt or concern to others I am assisting):

>>>(see trappers post: ...i will not request the ability to post on the debate forum again. i did it once and was turned down. besides, i do not want to post with those like uniquity, a gross fabricator and beacon of bias...

...then CZ posters saw a change of 'attitude' from me.

Then later that month (when I had not posted on the VWT for almost a month), trapper banned me from the forum, and publicly posted a horrendous post full of lies about me and 'my condition' on the VWT forum (which the Webmaster immediately deleted).

I have learned in my life's journey to try and accept & forgive the things I perceive as weaknesses & faults of others (we all have a long way to go before we reach perfection, eh?). But when it comes to those that are giving advice to others about their health (and are more than obviously unwillingly to examine the full picture of a protocol), I'm afraid I've yet to grow to the point that I know what to do...other than try to show the truth and allow others to come to their own conclusions.

I believe those that accept the responsiblity of forum ownership on Curezone carry a far greater burden of responsibility than those seeking advice from them. YET, people have to sort through off/topic posts by the forum owners: drinking, getting drunk, deleting & editing posts while drunk (as V deleted one of my posts on a night he'd admitted to drinking), going back and editing their posts without making notation of it, threads concerning various illegal drugs, sexual innuendos & o/t videos that a large majority find offensive, etc...and when people bring this up, they are ridiculed, accused, or banned for being somehow non-supportive to them and/or disruptive to the flow of Iodine information. And to continue to espouse the use of iodine at high levels (for which trapper is notorious) without considering the potential dangers or harm that might be incurred by others...well, it adds up to a sad state of affairs to this ole gal.

I have been emailed by several people who were either banned, threatened or ridiculed and/or 'falsely accused of intent' when attempting to share adverse experiences on the VWT forum. There's obviously NO truth to be discovered or learned if one covers up negative experiences. Of course, there's the allopathic physicians and what they publish of their clinical studies & trials, but this is Curezone - and reliance upon allopathic medicine is what got most every poster into the condition for which they're seeking assistance.

Sadly, when these issues have been addressed on this forum, the general response seen from VWT (and their supporters) is total ego. As I said, none of us are perfect, but I feel strongly that those in postions of great responsibility should do their utmost to examine the issues that are negative in nature and attempt to learn from them...both publicly and privately.




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