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Re: Helminthic Therapy
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Helminthic Therapy

LMAO!!!! FQ1513 I must applaud you. You have managed to carry on your hoax for 72 days!

I read your entire thread, and I read some of your posted medical journalism.

Pg. 3. Conclusions: parasite infections DO NOT IN GENERAL PROTECT against asthma, but infection with hookworm MAY reduce the risk of this disease.

While I am not going to bash the jobs those scientists are doing, there may be something to it, but just like any “modern medicine” there are definitely side effects that cannot go without note! With this type of treatment, the patient will surely continue to need further expensive medical treatment and diagnosis. It is my opinion, the timing of these studies are suspect.

I’m sorry FQ1513, your second writing leaves me suspect as well. You stated: “I don't know who Hulda Clark is,” then you later in your second paragraph: “Can you point to anything more than HULDA'S ANECDOTE WHICH IS A SINGLE EXPERIENCE. She does have something to promote after all.”

Me thinks you know of her very well and your purpose was to bash and battle. You play her expertise, experience and many experiments AS A SCIENTIST down first by pretending you don’t know her… as if she was a name you heard in passing. You continue with that ploy by stating her “anecdote is that of a single experience.” You blew yourself out of the water when you stated “She does have something to promote after all.” You know of her and you know she has a book and you know she sells it.

Sure, so what! Dr. Clark sells her book! A person does have to eat and pay the bills… Science is her livelihood. When you write something as this and you withhold truth, it is my honor to defend her and her work. Dr. Clark GIVES rights to any and all who want to share the benefit of this viable needed health information. She allows for anyone to post her valuable pages without cost to them on the internet. And for what!!!!! For the good health of others. Many many people have found good health thanks to Dr. Clark and others like her. Health which has been withheld from the public for years and years for the sake of lining the pockets of a select few.

Shame on you for your insinuations that she does this because she has “something to promote”! How many thousands of dollars did you say you spent to eat hookworms? Who was it that promoted that? Not that I believe you really went through this at all.

You stated that hookworm is so rare in the US. Do your research! It is not at all uncommon in the U.S. What is uncommon is for people to learn of it. You don’t have to go to a third world country to get hookworm. If you really did spend all that money to purposely ingest hookworms, I could have saved you a few dollars by informing you that you could contract it by taking a walk through the tulips in a veterinarian clinic or hospital or even a few back yards I know of. Sorry I was so late finding this thread!

FQ1513 you wrote: “From what I have read I think most of the accounts of eliminating parasites are IRRATIONAL PEOPLE WITH OCD who have PICKED SOMETING TO OBSESS ABOUT” and then later… “One sees a lot of unprincipled quacks offering false hope to the desperate here”. WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!! You claim to have eaten hookworms in hopes of trading your other health problems for something unknown to you by the advice of individuals who haven’t even had time to fully study the benefits or LONG TERM REPROCUSSIONS of these experiments. Has it come to your attention that it is not even a legal “treatment” or cleared through the FDA here in the USA for obvious reasons. Who exactly is irrational with OCD and where/who are the unprincipled quacks now?

I could go on, but I am getting perturbed by what initially had me LMAO. I am sorry for you or anyone who has asthma, MS and all the other diseases out there. We all have our demons we must battle, but someone who is bashing others who are so deserving of our respect and thanks deserves a little wake up yank in my book! To our health, first and foremost.

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