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Re: Class Action
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Class Action

so sorry to hear of your problems Mi Cielo, i hope that the operation goes well for you. Perforation can happen to anyone at any time with mirena too though, not only for lactating mums. although, as you say, they are at extra risk due to the contracting uterus. Sounds like you have been very unlucky there. Also, mirena's manufacturers do tell the doctors that the chemical passes into breast milk and a percentage of the chemical goes into the baby through breast milk, which although they say it is safe, you will see in the quoted research below, that it can cause some health problems in some babies such as lung and eye infections,(and knowing what it has done to me and so many other grown ups, i would hate to think that that crap is going into my own precious baby's system), so to be honest, i think it is a bad idea altogether to have mirena inserted into a mum who is still feeding her baby. I just think it is crazy for the doctors not to explain it properly to people. Mirena do tell the doctors expecting them to tell us - that is why it is in the doctors prescribing information, but they dont pass the info along. It could avoid so many heart aches if we just knew the POSSIBILITIES! Then we could make an informed decision.

This is a quote brought to our attention from another friend to the forum, Heater, who found this info when googling.....
"A rare but potentially serious complication is that of uterine perforation. This may occur either during the device's insertion, or from its later embedment into the myometrium (uterine wall) and subsequent migration through to the intra-abdominal cavity. Perforation can cause internal scarring, infection, or damage to other organs, and may require surgery. Uterine perforation has been reported at rates ranging from 1 to 2.6 per 1000 insertions. It is believed that perforations are significantly underreported, however, and actual perforation rates are likely higher.[19]

Nursing mothers
There is an increased risk of perforation in women who are lactating.[19]

Progestogen-only contraceptives such as an IUS are not believed to affect milk supply or infant growth.[26] However, a study in the Mirena application for FDA approval found a lower continuation of breastfeeding at 75 days in IUS users (44%) versus copper IUD users (79%).[27]

Levornogestrel is found in nursing infants at 7% of the concentration found in their mothers using the Mirena IUS.[7] A six-year study of breastfed infants whose mothers used a levonorgestrel-only method of birth control found the infants had increased risk of respiratory infections and eye infections, though a lower risk of neurological conditions, compared to infants whose mothers used a copper IUD.[28] No longer-term studies have been performed to assess the long-term effects on infants of levornogestrel in breast milk.

There are conflicting recommendations about use of Mirena while breastfeeding. The U.S. FDA does not recommend any hormonal method, including Mirena, as a first choice contraceptives for nursing mothers.[7] The World Health Organization recommends against immediate postpartum insertion, citing increased expulsion rates. It also reports concerns about potential effects on the infant's liver and brain development in the first six weeks postpartum. However, it recommends offering Mirena as a contraceptive option beginning at six weeks postpartum even to nursing women.[29] "

I do think that perforation is one of the most worrying things that can happen to women with the mirena. Not to mention the fact that one can still get all the usual side effects from it and NOT be protected against pregnancy, so well, i expect you are so upset you dont even feel like having sexual relations right now, but if you do, please use condoms etc to make sure you dont get any other "complications" for want of a better word!!
Please do let us know how you get on after the operation. Your hormones will be crazy for quite some time afterwards, so if you possbily can, try to avoid all synthetic hormones and do things naturally, to allow your body to heal and to keep your breast milk as pure as possible for your lovely 3 month old baby:) Thinking of you:) Big hugs, Kabel xx

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