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--Bubbly Urine = Excess Protein--
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Published: 16 years ago
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--Bubbly Urine = Excess Protein--

Hi 9507,

Your question: Is the protein coming from heart muscle or from the digested food?

Statin critcs said it came from heart muscle so they are advocating taking CoQ10,

Answer: Maybe one needs to consider what parts of the body have protein in them ?

Does just the Heart have Protein or does "ALL" of the Flesh and Organs have protein in them ?

Does Meat have Protein in it ?

Is the Flesh of the body considered Meat ?


So, Meat has Protein in it and our Flesh is Meat, so this must mean that "ALL" of our Flesh and Organs have protein in them ?

What a revelation !

So, "WHY" should the Protein in the Urine "ONLY" come from the Heart ?

Protein is made up from Nitrogen !

Nitrogen is Released into the air by contact with Magnesium in the air !

Also magnesium in the body helps to release Excess Nitrogen from the body !

The Liver and Kidneys need Magnesium to Flush out the Excess Nitrogen from the body !

This is one of the reasons "WHY" I suggest folks to take a small pinch of Epsom Salt with water, with each meal, so that the Liver and Kidneys may be able to Correctly do their job of Flushing out the Excess Nitrogen Waste from the body !

When the body has too much Protein(Nitrogen) and some of it is being released in the Urine, this Nitrogen then Reacts with the Magnesium in the air and Causes the urine to Bubble !

But, when the Urine does not have an Excess of Protein(Nitrogen) in it, then the contact with the air of the Urine does not cause any bubbles to be formed !

Now just how much does CoQ10 Cost a person and how much does Epsom Cost ?

One may Buy a years supply of Epsom Salt and do more Good for a healthier body than what 1 months supply of CoQ10 cost !

Epsom Salt is Great for Cost Effectiveness and Healthy Benefits for the body !

You cannot Beat Epsom Salts for helping the Liver and Kidneys do their job of Cleaning the Waste from the body !

This forum is a Non-Profit forum to help those who want to learn to help themself at little to no cost !

We do not Sell or promote any products for Profit on this forum !

And one may check out the Testimonials, for to see "ALL" who are getting Success from this program !

And you may view the Testimonials starting with this link:

You cannot Beat Success of those giving the testimonials !

Show me just one other forum on curezone which is Non-Profit, that has as many Success Testimonials as this forum has !

Smile Tis your choice.


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